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Both of my nieces love to watch video in you tube. They quarrel with each other everyday with my mobile. I have to solve the conflict everyday. Most of the day I snatch the mobile from one and give it to another, which actually creates more tension. Today I tried something different and a miracle happened. When the older one was complaining that the younger one didn't give her the mobile, I just told her that I know how compassionate she is and I believe that she would do it by herself. Certainly I found the quarrel finished and they are just watching together. I got an important learning from the event that sometime we can solve a problem most easiest way we never think. 

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  • enjoy to read it, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks everybody for your nice comments

  • Hey Md, I do promote peace talk, instead of fist talk..hahaha. I'm so glad I only have one niece, and she monopolizes everything I can lend to her. I even downloaded 3d animated movies for her, it's worth the effort and I know you can feel me here. I've got a very intelligent niece that she can't stand how boring her normal school is, btw, she is in kindergarten and starting to ask me about "why people live to die?"...how cute and witty she gets.

    Regards to your nieces. God bless!

  • What you have stated above is true, Md. Shariar. Solving some problems may be easier than we think. Without understanding this, we complain about our problems and make them seem more difficult than they really are. 

    Thank you for sharing this nice post with us. 

  • Teeka assay! We also cultivate love and the feeling of helping one another. Can you see my blog, The Wedding?
  • We should only think different. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Mr. Shariar.

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