The ex - U.S President Obama has published his memoir recently. A mistranslation in his book became a topic in Japan. He said that "A pleasant if awkward fellow" about a Japanese prime minister Hatoyama in those days. Japanese media reported that Obama criticized Hatoyama because the phrase "A pleasant if awkward fellow" is translated as the word "awkward fellow" was emphasized. However, some Japanese translators pointed out the mistranslation. They said that the phrase emphasized the word "pleasant". Hatoyama also noticed the mistranslation and said "Read the original sentence". Mistranslations may become a big problem. Have you failed with mistranslations or came across them?

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  • Tam San , Personally no failed or came  across  to mistranslations  , But do not trust the silly translators .  I do not believe in that this is a mistranslation  , The former persident alwayes  does this fault .    


    • Hello, Mr, Adriano Martelli. Thank you for your comment.

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