A hot but good Lesson...

When I was coming alone from college, suddenly a car stopped in front of me. A beautiful lady came out of the car. I had not seen a lady like her any time. She was so beautiful. I am sure everyman will stop a moment if see her infront of his eyes. I cant explain her in my words. My English is very poor than her beauty. 

She asked me to get inside her car. I just followed her with out telling any words. I was inside car, no no, i was inside a dream world. The smell inside the car took me to some other world. I was indirectly looking her wealth as all boys do. I was not able to remove my eyes from her. 

Suddenly car stopped in front of a big house. I followed her inside the house. She asked me to sit in a comfortable chair. I did as she told. 

She went inside. I was in a different mood and my mind went wild. I never felt like that feeling in my life. 

She came back with different dress, She was wearing a red nighty. It made me to increase my temperature further up. I started writting a story with me and her in my mind. Ya we two alone. 

This time she asked me to remove my shirt and again went inside. On my God! what I was doing. I was doing whatever she was telling. 

I removed my shirt and waiting for her next instruction. I was waiting for her comment to remove my remaining dress do. I was thinking what will be her bed color........like many.

This time she came with a small boy. I was not able to digest that.

Then she told to the boy " My son, if you are not eating the food properly, you become like this uncle. 

That day I realized the weakness of my body

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  • Thank you for sharing, ap suku!

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  • Yes... but real incident is not so colorful than i have written here

  • So, it is really your story?

  • it is published in Feb2017... again blogged now

  • LOL!! Maybe the reader's mind are getting wild while read your detail story, but the end of this story awaken us from crazy delusions.

  • This is the first time I read this story. Good one!

  • I have already read this story before a long time, I don't know who had blogged that at that time.

  • I have already read this blog written by some blogger, but I don't remember his/her name.

  • LOL....

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