A graduate Chef's second Blog

Hello everyone this is my second Blog i have mentioned that I'm a graduate Chef... I don't know much about this site. Nowadays I'm facing a big problem.... I'm poor in Spoken English... That disturb my career alot. Even i can't spell and speak much ingredients in English... 

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  • Hi there 

    Agree with mishaikh and bet. For speaking approach Gabriel or any native speaker :) 

    You will improve your spoken English if u practice it daily. 

  • Do not get disheartened.  Spoken English need regular speaking.  Try to speak with the other in English (preferably with native if easily available).

    For the spelling and correct English words for your related ingredients google them all and make a diary for that, then memorize.

    With the passage of time and patience you will improve.

  • Ahmed, speak to me on Skype. Perhaps, we can come up with a solution for your problem. This is my Skype ID ... live:gabrielsowrian

    If possible, send me a list of words earlier whose pronunciation is difficult for you. Remember, many culinary terms were taken from French, thus it's very hard to make the exact sound (pronunciation) unless you know French. 

  • Then first learn the names of the ingredients that you need to use mostly.

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