A game with own fate (Part One)


Part One

It was cold midnight and his apartment was almost lost in the darkness. Something woke him up but he was unable to identify what it was. When he opened eyes, he saw in the corner of the bedroom white shining mysterious person. Suddenly only feelings like insecurity and curiousity occupied his mind. It was female and she gave him impression she was an angel, anyway he couldn´t deny he felt scared of her and didn´t know what to expect. She was giving him her hand but he somehow knew he couldn´t trust her, he couldn´t follow her. She gently whispered: "Come with me, I will show you your future." 

He was confused and didn´t know how to react, was unable to say a word since he was still so shocked. Does he really want to know eagerly what will happen in his life? Won´t it influence him if he knows the future? So many questions were running through his mind. She was still standing there and waiting. She knew very well that he was sceptical, she was aware of the fact that it wouldn´t be easy with him and that´s why she whispered: "You have the unique chance and I promise you, that you won´t ever regret."

He was sweating and heard himself saying: "No, thank you but I don´t want to know my future, it would ruin my life." When he finished this sentence he was still doubting if he didn´t make mistake. His curiousity was trying to win over his security.

She didn´t give up easily, actually it was her task to persuade him, to leave this untidy room with him and since she was very ambitious, she decided to change the way she talked to him. "Well, if you see the mistakes you will make in the future, you can avoid them and your life will be more enjoyable, not so painful. You will simply enjoy it better with knowing how to react in dangerous situations, how to prevent yourself from being disappointed. Don´t you think that it is worth it?" she asked with sweet tone in her voice.

He was totally lost, he knew that it was high time to give up this inner fight, curiousity won. He just answered: "Ok, I will go with you, show me my future, show me what´s written in my fate." She gave him smile because now she felt satifisfied and was sure his life is literally in her hands.

He came to her, gave her hand and all of a sudden the whole room was changed. The magic of touching each other hands worked. They found themselves in the same room but totally empty. Four white walls, no windows, just one big screen. She said: "Ok, let me show you, what your today´s day will be about." By pointing finger at the screen she turned it on and suddenly he saw himself there. He woke up, took shower, ate his breakfast, he didn´t believe his eyes. He watched sequences of his life like a movie on this big screen somewhere in the fictive world. Suddenly he got shocked. He saw clearly something what almost stopped beating his heart. He saw himself laying dead on the street.

He screamed: "Oh my gosh, what‘s this????!!!!" She was shocked too and immediately turned the screen off. He sat down on the floor and felt like he is totally trapped, his all body was shivering. Today in some hours he will die, he just saw his own dead body!!! He gave her desperate face and asked her to turn the screen on again, to check all the details. She denied because in this case she would break the rules, rules that were created by God himself. She just curtly told him: "Well, I can assure you that our system sometimes failed and I can´t promise if this what we saw here would really happen." From the tone of her voice was obvious that she didn´t care, she just used some empty phrases, she learned by heart. He was still extremely shocked, didn´t know what to do, the only one thought that popped up in his mind was that he must urgently get out from here. White walls just irritated his sad black soul. He ordered: "Immediately, take me away. I don´t want to spend any single second here!!" In few seconds somehow he was back in his bed. He felt so tired and hardly remembered what he had experienced. He fell asleep  within few seconds.

In the morning he woke up, took shower, ate breakfast, just he followed his daily ritual and… after a few minutes passed, he remembered what had happened the last night. He realized it all. Today he is supposed to die. Why he didn´t feel scared? Well, since he knew it, he can avoid it and will do everything so that nothing like this would happen. He will simply escape it, he will change his fate.

He decided it would be better to stay at home so he made a call and asked his boss for day off. What to do now? He took a quick glance at his collection of movies and caught himself smiling. Watching movies he hasn´t seen for ages will make him feel good and relaxed. Now nothing can surprise him at all.


To be continued…

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  • Pearl, thanx...in few hours I will post the Second part ;)

    Jack, yeah ... but who knows if she didn't lie :p m glad u liked it ;)
  • Dying in front of the computer while either chatting or blogging in EC?  Oh, it's possible especially when during that time a missile suddenly lands on your house.......kekeke!

    An old man who is chatting with a young sexy lady in EC may die from a heart attack....who knows!

    Everything is possible.....

  • Seeker, some might say that it isnt fate but the result of his preparation for the test. If he studied hard, it is obvious he might pass, if not for sure he will fail. I consider fate sth we aren't able to influence. For inatance... it rains, I hide myself somewhere and in few mins a boy will hide himself there too, we fall in love and marry each other. This is what I consider fate.

    Anele, let me show u in some hours end of my story. Hope, u will like it :p

    Ohnie, loool yeah I should change end of this story..like he became addicted to ec and when he decided to meet his virtual friend in real, opened the door of his apartment, saw the world outside, he got heart attack :D :D
  • That would be interesting if someone could really show us our future and our death.  I wonder if most of us will suffer the same fate..dying in front of the computer while either chatting or blogging on EC? LOL that won't be so cool!


    I am waiting for the final destination indeed........ 

    It's fate that we will all die one day but I believe that knowing your final destination this way is the most cruel way of knowing your own death.

    Yet, since this is a written story, the ending will always be under the mercy of your creative mind.  Be it a happy ending or a sad ending, I hope it will have a fair ending.

  • Noas, some ppl believe there is no fate and we can influence evrrything by acting..

    Vasanth, seeker :) will post it tonight
  • I am very curious about what will happens next, please post further continuation soon.

  • Hmm .. can he changes his fate? That's intriguing.

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