A cozy place at home...


Home is a place where we almost feel safe, delighted, relaxed and comfortable. And every home has a cozy place which is extremely special to us, provides the warmth of protection, a pleasant feeling always whenever we sit there. If I talk about my private place at home then it's the open space outside my room where I can stay for hours without seeking any company. The grace of the sky is noticeable apparently from there and it seems that the sky has opened its arm like a mother whenever u need it. The chirping of birds can be heard, other people moments and activities can be palpable and I feel peaceful whenever I sit there.

Loving the spot in your tough moments is the most overwhelming because it's always there for you to make you affluent. And if you're eating something delicious with a cup of tea, furnishes you with the desirable attainable feeling of fulfilment.

Life is not going to treat you outstanding every time so find an unprecedented cozy spot for you always to have a relaxed and irresistible feeling. 

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  • Really nice share! Thank you, Kavita!

    As for me, I don't have such place currently. I moved a lot (the last time about 4 months ago) and each house and its surrounding have own value and beauty.

    The most warm feelings are about my hometown, but I move there seldom last years.

  • Main nahi pata Kavita lekin I like the peace of mind in my place. Thanks for sharing.

  • Our outstanding life might bog down somewhere, so we are in need of a cozy, warm place where we can upold an upstanding life at least from steep pitching. hmm pretty clear now.

  • Hello Kavita,

    Nice to see you! 

    Well, like NotAClue.. actually I also like my bed a lot. DD

    But, the cozy place must be at the terrace or balcony, looking and being surrounded by plants/leaves of a tree...I can see the sky at daylight and I can see the moon and stars at night.

    What do you think?

    Thank you for writing. Good day! :)

    • Hahaha... Onee, I don't know your terrace... Here in Germany not every one has a terrace or a balcony. I actually have for the very first time a terrace and it's loaaaaaads of work. So, my cozy place is somewhere else. Somewhere I can't see all the work which is waiting for me!! At night it's awesome, though. 'Cause the stars are there all night for me and I can't see all the weeeeeeeeeed. :DD

      Hope you're enjoying your weekend. :)

    • Okay, NotAClue. I know that place. :D

      If you mean on the ground full of weeds, then actually, that's really good 'cos here in the city I live in. It's a rare picture. I like such a place a lot. But to me, I still need a small carpet to lay on. :D


    • :) Oh, I have nothing against the weed, it's my landlord and the neighbors...LOL 
      I invite you to Germany and then you will understand. XD

    • Thank you for replying. You're right about the cozy place. Give a try on your terrace. You would be going to enjoy it the most. 

    • Thank you, Kavita.

      You, too. :)

  • Haha, yeah, I love cozy places, too. For me it is sitting under a tree. There is no better place for me as long as we have good weather... Although, I like sleeping in my own bed a lot. :DD

    Thx for sharing :)

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