Once upon a time there was a couple, they were neighbored, girl’s name was Nora, and Boy’s Name Sam. Nora was good daughter of her Father, Her father Name was David, she studied at Medical University, Her Father wanted to see her as a Doctor, certainly she gave the word her father that I would be doctor, and she did as she told her father, but time changed no one can knows that, Same not live away far from her house, Sam was a graduate, He worked for Computer Advertising Agency. In the Morning they got same bus, Sam went for his job and Nora to University, Sam often quick look at her, but she didn’t know, once he was watching Nora, Nora noticed there’s a guy who looking at me, she ignored it. Next Day she felt that same boy now he isn’t glancing, he keep seeing so long, Nora was wondered that how a crazy boy is.

 Nora laughed at him and made a small talk with him.

Nora:      Hi, How are you?

Sam:       I am fine. Thanks. May I know your Name Please?

Nora:      My Name is Nora, Why do you ask? Would you please tell me your Name?

Sam:       I am Sam, You call Sam. I am Pleased to meet you.

Nora:      Me too,

And the bus had arrived at University Nora without saying something got off.

Day 3rd

Nora and Same get on bus, and started to chat, they chatted so longer today, they felt that they became good friend and exchange their cell phone number, now they talked on phone, in the evening, in the night every day when they got chance. Once Nora’s Father noticed that, nowadays she is very happy and some sang a song, He was quite happy and also little worried about abruptly his daughter changed behave, he thought, should I have to find out happen? What was reason behind that, after some days that Medical university has announced the result, at this time Nora’s grade was not good but she was Happy, Now her father very lived so intense and worried about her, what’s going on?  Now he made a plan to follow his daughter where and why she went, On Sunday he Stayed at home he was waiting his Daughter went out, every Sunday Nora and Sam had fixed for date, so as usual they met today, today they had to meet at a good restaurant of city, they took lunch at restaurant, when they having their lunch, Nora’s father had arrived, and they catch them red handed, He was very furious on her, but what did he do in having a lot of people, he said only that! My dear Daughter, What did I have seen dream for you but what are you doing, you just wasting your time and my money also, if you give me respect and had shame in your eyes, leave restraint immediately, come along with me.

Before Nora Leaving her father plea to Same that we are very poor, at my this age she is only all of my thing, if you deprive her to me I will die and I won’t apologize you now, neither at day of judgment, So Please leave My dear Daughter for rest of life, then Nora felt that what’s dignity of her father, and decided that I will never meet again with him, Nora stood up and went along her father, and then Never tried to met Sam. But Sam here worried about her, he tried whatever he could do for to meet with Nora, everyday he sat a house of Nora’s, and Nora’s didn’t show any sympathetic, Now Sam very disappointed behave of her father and as well as Nora’s. In the mind of Sam came bad to worse idea, some time killing her father and meet with Ana, at this time He had decided “I had to kill her father “, after Making plan he went her house kill her father, On the Night of Friday Exist 02:00 am in the Morning he across the wall of Nora House, cause of his jump down arise noise Nora got up and saw a person in the our House!, She shouted, Help!! Help! Dad, a thief in our House, Dad Gets up, His father awaking his fastens sleep, Dad “a thief in our House! They didn’t know that he is Same, before his father take out his gun! Sam straight his gun and telling him that Nora is only Mine I love her, I won’t live without her, She is mine and She will be forever, I shall kill everyone who comes in our way, he opened the mouth of gun and killed her father, before bullet touch her father chest she came front of her father and she has been died, what he saw, who has been killed that one was his lover, life, not David, he yelled and cried and He irritated on that, and killed his father afterward he went to near Nora brought up his lover(Nora) in his hand saying you were my life, without you what shall I do, How I spend my life, then he took step incredibly, this time he shoot himself, and also saying, Everything is finish, May Allah forgive all of I did. !!!!


i wrote some blogs but this one is totaly changed rest of. this is a story and its my first time i write a story.

Hope you would enjoy and give comments and also mention my mistake and tell me where i have to improve.



Regards Riaz.

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