A chance

A chance

Hi, today's quote really hit me hard.

We all pass by some hard events during our journey which could have some strong impact on us. Some can move on easily from it and go on with their lives but others face big problems to do the same like they are stuck at that phase. Moving on is not easy due to the memories that keep coming back to hunt you and the mixed feelings that confuse your mind. You feel like you want to give yourself a new chance but you are afraid of the consequences, you don't want to feel the same pain again. Your soul had been damaged enough, you just become so protective over yourself.

But can we stay locked in the past regretting what happened? is it the right thing? of course not. We can't we need to face the past, accept it, and take the next step. life must go on. We need to give ourselves a chance even if it's hard we must do it.  

I'm waiting to see ideas concerning this subject, I hope you liked my blog... your opinion matters.



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  • We can't get stuck in a point for a long time, but it takes time to get ride of your negative emotion sometimes. We learn, as time progress, how to move on. 

  • It is a pleasure to read your ideas concerning my blog. I found your opinions interesting. 

    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to share with us their thoughts. 

    Your comments motivate me to write other blogs.

  • The most beautiful thing in our lovely world is diversty. That's why we cope differently with various challenges we've faced. We might fall from same height, but we won't get up at the same time. We might contract covid at same day, but we'll recover at different pace. So, it isn't just about getting back to your feet fast, but just simply getting up. So please, it's ok be afraid of making mistakes, but like any other thing too much of it is never good.

    Most of us have made mistakes / wrong decisions / poor choices or whatever you call it and at times it's good so because we've learned from it an d become better. The past shouldn't be forgotten, but you shouldn't dwell in the past either. Own your mistakes and make changes in your life so that you won't make that same mistake again.

  • It seems you have been through some worst life experiences. The sooner we realise our mistakes, the earliest we achieve our goals. You seem to be young and strong. In your early stages of life, you learnt how to be strong, make good decisions, control emotions, react positively.

    It's really good to see you growing from your past and moving ahead towards future.

  • You come with very interesting topic. 
    You must take a chance or step ahead but in view of past experience. If you learn from mistake made in the past, you must be even wiser. Sometimes we try to cultivate  desert, but at the end we realize, we waste our time.we must choose the land smartly. here making the same mistake and doing working on the infertile land is stupidity. In a nutshell, everytime you don't take a new chance for everything you did in  the past, it depends on goals, target, dreams and people.  

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