A bullet exposes a story

There are many secret love stories in our conservative community. One of these stories is, Sajad's and his beloved Zainab. His story would not be known but the bullet in his chaste revealed it.

A young demonstrator called Sajad was injured during anti-government protest a few days ago and his wound was healed later.
The young loved Zainab and tattooed her name over his chest as an impressive reminder.

I personally can't speak about his love on behalf of him. Olney lovers can describe their loves, but there was a conversation between Sajad and his doctor ;

"Who's Zainab?" The doctor asked him curiously.
"She is my beloved." Sajad replied with a pale smile.
"Does she know you are injured?" asked the doctor.
"No" Sajad said sadly.
"Why?" The doctor asked.
"She has left me recently" Sajad replied.3755204550?profile=RESIZE_710x
"Why?" the doctor asked surprisingly.
"Because she got married" Sajad replied.
"Why?" the doctor asked eagerly.
Sajad heaved a sigh and began to narrate his tale; our love was a nice dream of mine but ended up as a nightmare. She waited me for a long time to betroth her but I was jobless, I couldn’t find suitable job.
She get torn between her love and seeking for a good married life. I am just a poor jobless man so she decided to abandon me. I pray for her to be happy.

Sooner, I went to demonstrate against unemployment and corruptions which deprived me of Zainab, and would deprive other lovers from uniting together.

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  • It is said; "true love never dies" in spite of obstacles. Thank you Majed Alsolmi for your nice comment.

  • Real love last forever . It is heavenly. However , in our conservative communities the purest emotions is there between men and women just took a quick look to history . Thank for sharing this touching story :)

    • Unfortunately, it is right to say that  pure love cannot stay in an imperfect world. You know Rosemary; most people live in an imperfect world  but we hope to see the world changes towards virtue.Thank you for your nice comment.

  • I feel pity for this young guy but so far as his love story is concenred, I would say it is universal truth that ture lovers are rarely married and another shocking fact is that most true lovers are jobless or their true love make them free from any job. For instance, read the story of Majno (Kaif)  who even though was the true lover, but jobless person. It is still under discussion as whether a true love makes a person jobless or a jobless person has suffficient time to love his beloved. 

    You seem to be a social activist, don't you? 

    • We can say love brings troubles to lovers. Making them free from jobs because lovers will be absentminded.

      Yes, I do. I have participated in the protest since first October. I hope we can achieve our goals soon.  

      Thank you Arif. Your comment delights me a lot.

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