A brief encounter (1)

They met at a supermarket. He came to buy some milk and bread. She wanted to spend the time shopping. He was smitten with her from the first moment he laid eyes on her. They got married after one month from their encounter at that supermarket. The first week of their honeymoon was a nightmare. She took off that mask and showed him the other side of her lovely face.  Her face was very beautiful but her behavior was bad and below the zero. He tried his best to satisfy her, but he could not. He tried to tell her that they were in their first days of their honeymoon, but she was putting in her mind to be stubborn and hard to get. Her idea was that, as long as he loved her that much, he would do his best to obey her commands. Obviously, she did not have the same feeling towards him.  However, why did she accept to marry him?

She thought that he would be like a ring on her finger. Go right, he will go right. If she tells him to go left, he will also do the same. As the matter of fact, he carried out all of her orders and demands. Sometimes, she wanted him to go to the right and to the left at the same time, which was, of course, impossible to do. It seemed that she was bothered by a personal problem. She had a drug problem.  She was addicted to heroin and she severely smokes cigarettes. He could not notice that at the beginning, but later, he began to notice some nervousness that came to the surface from time to time.   

 Finally, they reached a dead end. Their marriage would have worked if she had fulfilled half of her reciprocal obligations. Once, and at three thirty in the morning, she told him to bring her a pizza. He gave a nervous glance at the clock.

To be continued.


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  • Many a times I get questions from on how to identify infidelity in a married woman. Some unmarried men wanted to know how to know about adulterer and cruel women beforehand. Whereas cruelty and adultery or infidelity are two different things and the signs are also different but some of the signs can be matched.

  • Mayroong isa Risty ditu. There is only one Risty Aven here. haven't you heard of Christy Mendoza? Or no, it was Imelda Papin who sang, (the only one). I hope you correct my Tagalog. I was praying, may God be with us. We are strong from outside, but in front of women, we are like butterflies. In this story, our hero is a powerful man, but that lady gave him one of her arrows. He could not tell whether she was normal or abnormal.              

  • Sir Dara, with all due respect, may you please omit the tagalog, I don't understand what do you mean Sir. What is that "I don't know about you?" Maybe your comment is intended for someone not me. :)

  • Bisraha, anti mutafaila jidan. Alhurma mudmina, waish tantathri minaha? The woman is an addict, you cannot expect any optimistic things. She just wants to smoke and dope,,, etc. We will all wait to see what happens next. Thanks for your nice comment on a brief encounter! 

  • Paki, tignan mo, Risty!  Hindi mo alam tungkol sa amin. It's a long story. I have been telling Mr. Mishaikh about it. We are men, and here, I am referring to myself personally, When I see a beautiful face, my whole body trembles and I can be knocked down from the first words. Some of us are very helpless in front of that bewitching face. Believe me, some of you strike us with a glance from that lovely face.  For our guy here, find an excuse for him, to discover the pale skin or any other deteriorating features. He needed a decade to wake up. May God be with us. Thanks, Risty for your nice and recalling notices. 

  • Ferhan seyiorum. Teskkur ederim arkadishm! Thanks, my dear good friend! I will.

  • hi mr.gino,that is veri interesting story,go on pls.

  • hi mr.gino,that is veri interesting story,go on pls.

  • Inshaa Allah ma yatool intitharak ya Abdullah. Shookrun laka. Thanks for your nice comment and by next week the second part will be posted. Thanks again!

  • Sain bain oo Molly, the problem, he did not know about her from the beginning. He discovered that after the water has been spilled. He was dazzled by her cute face and her lovely features. That kind of man is like me. I told my friends before. In front of beauty, I am just like ice cream when you put it near a hot pan. Believe me, he did not know. regarding her, we can say, she is self-conceited. Thanks, Molly!    

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