A brief encounter (1)

They met at a supermarket. He came to buy some milk and bread. She wanted to spend the time shopping. He was smitten with her from the first moment he laid eyes on her. They got married after one month from their encounter at that supermarket. The first week of their honeymoon was a nightmare. She took off that mask and showed him the other side of her lovely face.  Her face was very beautiful but her behavior was bad and below the zero. He tried his best to satisfy her, but he could not. He tried to tell her that they were in their first days of their honeymoon, but she was putting in her mind to be stubborn and hard to get. Her idea was that, as long as he loved her that much, he would do his best to obey her commands. Obviously, she did not have the same feeling towards him.  However, why did she accept to marry him?

She thought that he would be like a ring on her finger. Go right, he will go right. If she tells him to go left, he will also do the same. As the matter of fact, he carried out all of her orders and demands. Sometimes, she wanted him to go to the right and to the left at the same time, which was, of course, impossible to do. It seemed that she was bothered by a personal problem. She had a drug problem.  She was addicted to heroin and she severely smokes cigarettes. He could not notice that at the beginning, but later, he began to notice some nervousness that came to the surface from time to time.   

 Finally, they reached a dead end. Their marriage would have worked if she had fulfilled half of her reciprocal obligations. Once, and at three thirty in the morning, she told him to bring her a pizza. He gave a nervous glance at the clock.

To be continued.


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  • Assalamu alaykum ya Sewar. Kaifa halakum? Lakin ya sit Sewar almathahir khdaaa. Dear Sewar, appearances can be very deceiving. The man was taken aback from their first meeting at that supermarket. That was his first mistake. He should have made sure that that woman has the same feelings. As you said, what is inside us, our bodies can show it. Thanks, Sewar for your comment on that brief encounter.

  •       I have a strong belief that; our body's language is a very clear mirror to our guilty conscience. My best for you my friend.   

  • Ashukr lilah ya Sadeq. Alhamdulilah, ahlak ikhtaroo azzawjah assaliha laka. Thanks To Allah, your parents had chosen your good wife for you. The traditional way is not bad. Some people know one another. They are able to choose the ideal wife for their son. Love, at first sight, can succeed in rare cases as you said. Most of the time the results are not in favor of that choice. May Allah bless your wife and the whole family. Thank you!

  • Hi,dara

    Its possible the marriage happening from first sight for tow lovers 

    In some cases ,the hearts of them meet in this moments but thats not mean

    All of this cases will be success because one of them wife of husband  have 

    stuborn mind make this marriage become have lot of problems ,maybe will failur

    also there are some cases in this marriage success as result of coordinating 

    between couple, for me imarried by tradition way in my country they select

    My wife ,the love come after marrige ,my thank to allah.

  • Mashkoor ya AG! Before I go into that blog, I really would like to ask Allah to have mercy on the souls of those who died in your country yesterday. I also hope that both the government and the opposition would reach some sort of an agreement to finish this tragedy. Going back to the blog, beautiful girls do that. They notice that people with light heads like me, for instance. Did I tell you? I am helpless when I see a beautiful woman. I hope my wife won't see that. Thanks, AG for your nice comment!

  • At the beginning it was more realisten, but later it was more of a fiction than a reality.. 

    Aside from this, I just want to comment on this line

    "but she was putting in her mind to be stubborn and hard to get. Her idea was that, as long as he loved her that much, he would do his best to obey her commands."

    Some smart girls in reality truly think in this way. This is damn sad, because at last they get to learn that life doesn't go this way. Unfortunately, most of the time they reach this point very late and after they spoil up the best of their chances in life.. 

  • Donnobad Bet! This is what I call logic. For a longer healthy relationship, we should know each other fully.  Our guy is very poor, Bet. He could not resist the beautiful face of that lady, but that was a mistake. Thanks, Bet for your nice comment.

  • Though first sight has an impact but for a longer healthy relationship people should know each other more. In our culture relatives and friends also help out to get into a relationship. And, we also give importance to know each others families too.

  • Halet chetore doste khobam, Behnam? I agree with every single word you said. Our eyes can deceive our brains. We have to make sure. Choosing is not that easy. You are choosing your life partner. Thanks, Behnam for your meaningful comment!

  • Hi. Marriage before checking the truth of your observations about your partner is like self-killing. Wise people don't trust their eyes. They seldom trust what they hear. Our eyes cannot see many facts. They fool our brain. Optical illusion is a simple example.

    Marriage must be based on stony foundation. Otherwise, it will wave in a soft breeze! 

    All the best,


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