A Beneficial Moral Teaching

There is a saying about imperfection of any individual vs the perfection of gathering of them; everyone knows everything.

So you may not know that one of your actions is not good, or there exists a good thing -that you do not know- to follow. Even sometimes, in spite of knowing what is good and what is bad, you may forget it and you may need someone to remind you to go on the right path. So, the need for being invited to a good action, or for a reminder to prevent you from a bad doing is now clarified.

Now, in a society where everyone supposes it a responsibility to supervise other people, it is less likely to see crimes. On the other hand, it is more likely to see a wave of morality.

In  true Islam, there is a to-be-obeyed instruction in which you are responsible not only for your own deeds but also other people. In this rule, you are obliged to invite people to good deeds, such as being truthful, helping the poor, having trust in God, and so on. Besides, you have to prevent people from doing bad actions, let it be saying bad words or causing harm to someone.

Yet, this rule is to be done under some specific conditions, such as causing no harm or bad effect to you or the society, hoping for any effect on the person that is being invited to sth or prevented from sth, and, of course, your true knowing of what is bad and what is good!

So, if we want a moral world, full of peace and justice, we'd better invite one another to be a good person, and also, before it is too late, we'd better let one another know about the wrong deeds and try to prevent it.

Now, can you describe a case for us in which you can practice this teaching?

PS-I wanted to choose another topic containing "true Islam", but due to the wave of Islamophobia that exists in the world, I changed it to the current topic. 

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  • Hello Zahra, it's nice to read from you here.
    I see you wanted to write this blog for making clear what you understand by being a good religious person and to explain it doesn't have to do with any of these fanatic or extremist thoughts we all know.

    Well, I don't have anything to say about that, so I'm just gonna talk about my own thoughts and personal principles: I don't need the rules of any religion for knowing how to behave like a good person and how to do good deeds without expecting anything (not even a future 'afterlife', since we (atheists) don't believe in that) I don't think anybody need religion for being a good person or citizen. We all can be good people or total a**holes, no matter what religion or non-religion we follow; because the only thing that matters is the education.

    In my opinion, if we want that peaceful and fair world you mention, what we need is a good independent education. An education not ruled by religious or governmental interests, but pure social interest. Empathy and respect for every living thing on Earth, that's the teaching we should spread.

    Thanks for the topic.

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  • Let me give a case myself.

    Suppose that a student is trying to cheat and take the first prize at a competition at school.

    If you do not try to make him understand that he is on a wrong path, he will some day in future cause a worse crime. Besides, the right of the other students who truthfully have worked hard to win the competition is being underestimated in case you have noticed the cheating and said nothing about it.

  • Dear Peppo,

    Thanks for putting some time to comment here.

    That's true that if we behave well and treat people with a good manner, indirectly, we imply that being a good person is like this. But, along with that, we need to help others directly, too. If someone is misbehaving in the society, their action not only is harmful to themselves, but also to the whole society. What if a kid sees those actions and chooses them as their way of behaviour, instead of your own good one? 

    About religion vs modern life. The truth is that religion, the true religion, has no harm to anyone. It is the followers who may misinterpret a religion and thus cause war or so. So there is nothing wrong with my religion, Islam, per se. 

    How could modern life be beneficial to man kind? You can see crimes in modern societies, among educated people, too. So education per se can not guide one to peace! I think the only thing that can save someone is trusting in God, and trying to find the true instructions of the true religion.

  • Dear Zahra

    You brough up a really hard case. To be honest i prefer to ignore this kind of discussion but for seeing it’s not relate to someone in particular, let me give it a try. Talking aboout teaching, I don’t thing this term is still obtain because we usually hear this word at school, college and so on and all of that relate to education. How about moral? Is there any moral education? Off course there is, formaly? Formal is kind of rare but informal is everywhere. We are living in age where people believe more to their inner feeling rather than God’s order. People would do whatever they think is good regardless those are mentioned in scripture or not. We have highly development system, education, technology, culture etc it all makes religion seems old and only part of history, needless to say many wars were caused by religion issues so people rather avoid that.

    I think all religions order the same thing for good mankind, and as I am a muslim, I believe islam more so to teach another nonmuslim people, maybe its impossible if i bring along my belief because only my people would understand, hmm, even for my fellow muslims, maybe hard, because i am just a mere human. So, the question is How. Someone told me this long time ago, be good to your self, your family, your neighbors, your friends, and everyone you know them or not. By doing good to all the people, we indirectly gave them example how to be a person with a good moral. If you are doing good and people seeing you as a good person, they will be love you and want to be like you. 

    I think that’s all, thanks for sharing this blog :)

  • Dear Zahara! As promised, I'm back again...:)

    Allah has created many kinds of things( legal or valid or halal) as food for the welfare of human beings and advice us to take good and holy things and forbidden  taking illegal or haram things.

    But people  get addicted to taking harmful things( smoking, drugs) due to bad company or willingly ..  Its great impact is done to himself, his family, and society. It is the worst habit of a person.

    Its doesn't satisfy of hunger, no benefits rather causes massive physical harm and only wastage of money..in-order to meet their needs they creates economical crises in family and involved to illegal acts. And its outcome social disorder, also crimes increase in society.... such thing taking like taking poison, its creates various diseases like (pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, anorexia, heat attack, damage liver and kidney, malnutrition,, tuberculosis etc)and drag one to death.

    Such habit hampers worship, its keeps the addicts away from the remembers of Allah, and help themselves to lock in Jahannam.  

    Therefore, we should keep away from theses illegal things, because it’s harmful for health, society and punishment in the hereafter.

  • Nice blog, dear Zahara, I will post my comment later..

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