I don't want to write a fake bio.

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  • It's very nice video, feeling good for sharing your memories... Thanks...

    • Thanks, Sekhar

  • Such a great video! I've already seen it 3 times. XD Thanks for taking us with you for a walk, Fake. :)) And I also liked how you shared some things from your memory with us. :)

    I love walking through the rain... people look often perplexed 'cause I'm not taking an umbrella with me, and I enjoy rain always. XD People in Germany don't know what good is... hehe ;-)

    • Thank you, Nice to hear you like to walk through the rain. 

  • Fake, thanks to you for welcoming us to your fake world. It seems to me that fake world isn't bad that much rather it's enchanting. I'm fond of rainy days. Savvy, we got a season here named after rain. This is called rainy season. So far I haven't any other country that has the same season under the same name.

    • Thanks, Shaheen. Wow, You have a rainy season! 

      Seems you have a lot of experience! 

      you can share some of your experience too.. 

  • Awesome video! Thanks for walking us around to your beautiful place. That bird is also enjoying itself in the rainshower. My eyes feasted at the sight of the greenery and the river...There's no other great time reminiscing our past or just savoring the moment to refresh than this lovely rainy days out in the open. Thanks for sharing a hint of your childhood. It makes us look back too and think the good old days.

    • Thanks, Mayumi! 

      Happy to know that you like it.

  • Oi Fake,

       I see no problem, just post the part of the video clip with the stylishly groomed trees!..... :-)

    • I will try to share video clips 

      thanks for your interest. 

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