6th September

In a dark night,everyone was sitting at their homes with delightful heart while on other side black shadow was covering the border of a newly independent country,even whose force was not armed with good weapons.A cunning thief who was so sure of their success even settled among themselves a place where to celebrate the victory because they had a big force who has perfect weapons.                                                          That was the history of Pakistan and day was 6th September of 1965.A day which is the symbol of victory and pride for nation.A day when Pakistan's forces and nation all together faced their enemy in situation of war but accomplished their work with grace.It was the day when Indian army attacked on the doors of Pakistan like Sialkot,Chawinda,Lahore etc.Their Russian and American tanks were a head off them and their vulture like fighter planes hovering in the air but what a courage,boldness and bravery of our great soldiers like                             Major Raja Aziz Bhatti: A glorious and cherished example of the fact of the heroic martyrdom.He was fighting for continuously six days and night n free the different places of Pakistan. At last he died by hit on his chest of an enemy tank sell.He was awarded by largest military award NISHAN-E-HAIDER.         M.M.ALAM: MUHAMMAD MEHMOOD ALAM belongs to Pakistan air force.He was awarded by SITAR-E-JURAT(THE STAR OF COURAGE)a Pakistan military decoration because he downed five Indian aircrafts in less than one min,the first four in thirty seconds establish world record.                                               SHABBIR HUSSAIN SYED:  He also performed well and destroyed two crafts.For displaying flying skills and outstanding valor he was awarded by SITAR-E-JURAT.                                                        SARFARAZ RAFIQUE: He also performed well.In the battle his guns jammed after shooting hunter still he refused to leave battle and died.He was awarded by SITAR-E-JURAT and HILAL-E-JURAT.                                            There i highlighted some tigers who showed his bravery and got highest military award.There are many more which are difficult to count.The nation has also a great contribution.Everyone did well.As soon as the news was heard of attack a wave of oneness,boldness,sacrifice and patriotism ran through the whole nation.The war continued for sixteen days.The enemy who had came to occupy cut a sorry figure and was unable to get anything except a horrible defeat and humiliation.They lost their mentionable area too.In those circumstances India beg for the cease fire and war came to an end.                                                                       This day memorize as Defense Day in Pakistan's history in which we were less but united which was our strength so got victory.The soldier who martyr are always written in golden words.We salute to our brave soldiers.May Allah bless them all and shower blessing on Pakistan.Long live Pakistan.                                                                                                                                       Happy Defense Day to all Pakistan.

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  • Allah gave you grace and honour so you become THANKFUL to HIM.

    To maintain the BLESSINGS OF ALLAH, we must always be THANKFUL TO HIM,

    Were we?  Are we?...............................................

  • Unity, Faith and discipline is secret of our victory,
    Happy Defense Day to you and compatriots
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