Some students are frustrated having so many essays assigned to them during college years. Essays are great for learning as they teach students how to do proper research, how to formulate their points of view well enough, and how to support it with strong arguments. However, this doesn’t make them any easier to write.
It’s not a secret that many students struggle with their writing. It’s not easy for them to present their thoughts on paper, especially when a topic is too complex. However, it can become a bit (or even a lot) easier even if you don’t want to turn to cheap essay writing service for help. All you need to do is to approach the writing process differently, keeping the following tips in mind.
1. Come up with an outline.
An outline is very important. First, it allows students to structure the whole essay properly before it even was written. A structure is one of the crucial things for an essay and by writing an outline you’re making sure that this structure is followed.
Second, it helps students sort out the ideas they have. When you brainstorm your essay topic, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the ideas that keep popping up in your head. The best way to remember them and to sort them all out is to write them down in your outline. Then you’ll be able to structure the ideas logically, to develop some of them, and to discard those that seem a bit unfit for the essay.
2. Work on your thesis.
It might seem that the thesis isn’t that important comparing to the rest of the essay– it’s just one sentence, after all. However, it can be very hard to write. The goal of a thesis is to deliver the main idea of your essay in one sentence, which can be challenging sometimes.
The good way to solve this problem is to divide your thesis into two parts. State the topic of your essay in the first one and then move on to the point of it in the second.
3. Pay attention to the arguments.
The arguments are what makes your essay strong and persuasive. It’s important to not only avoid vague statements and support your point of view with arguments but to use the right arguments too. It’s good when you deliver both sides of an argument before making the final conclusion.
However, it is also important to deliver your point of view right. You have to make it look like you had really given it much thoughts, did weight up all the evidence and made up your own mind instead of repeating someone else’s opinion.
4. Answer the right question.
Usually an essay requires you to answer a certain question. If that’s the case, make sure you do answer the question that was asked. Some students find it tempting to misinterpret the question so they would be able to write about something they know better or simply feel more comfortable with. However, this doesn’t look good. Even if your essay is stunning but you didn’t answer the specific question that was asked, your professor might not appreciate it at all.
Remember that you’re asked a certain question for a reason. Sure, it might be more challenging this way but at the same time it’s the only way to meet the requirements right.
5. Include quotes and bibliography.
Not all essays require you to include academic citations and to add a proper bibliography. However, even if you aren’t told to do so, still try adding them to your essay and mind the formatting too. There are different types of formatting and you can choose either one that appeals to you the most (if you weren’t specified to use any) or the one that was assigned to you (if you had specific requirements). Either way, it’s important to stick to one type of formatting during the whole essay.
Why the citations and bibliography are so important? Because they make your essay look not only more organized but also more serious and well-research. It’s a good and subtle way to show that you’ve studied a lot of data to deliver this essay.
6. Proofread it well.
It might seem that you don’t need to spend much time on proofreading these days. After all, we have Grammarly and other useful online proofreading tools that can help you quickly check your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes. However, while they are able to spot certain errors, they still aren’t enough to analyze your text effectively, spotting incorrectly chosen words, logical flaws, and so on.
That’s why while such tools are good for initial proofreading, they are still not enough. It’s important to finish your essay early, long before the deadline arrives so you would have more time to polish and proofread it properly. The best way to proofread a piece of writing is to put it aside for some time and then return to it, reading thoroughly. And it won’t be possible if you finish your essay the night before you have to submit it.
Sure, these tips cannot make you an amazing writer instantly: it still takes a lot of time and practice to become one. However, they can help you approach the writing process in a more logical and scientific way. When you have a plan and know what to do next and how to do it, it is easier to calm down and stop viewing essay writing as a dreadful and painful process.
Hopefully, this article will help you develop the right approach towards writing and make your essays outstanding!

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