This is how I like to learn: making mistakes. Yes, I know that there are a lot of mistakes in my English writing, but this is just the beginning, so it doesn’t matter, at least not for me. I like to face errors as they represent the boundaries of fear. If I didn’t even try, due to my own insecurity, I wouldn’t do anything, I wouldn’t be writing right now. So I’ll keep on going. And if anyone wants to point me out a mistake, I’ll be grateful.

Agustín Rodríguez Cuesta

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  • Hi, Icha. Absolutely, I think it is as you said. So let's not worry about fear...

    Tanks to you for reading me.

    See you!

  • Exactly, Onee. We'll have to make some mistakes if we want to learn. The numbers are because this was all about the same issue. I'm sharing this process in my Facebook page too, in the same way, even when most of my "friends" doesn't understand English. See you!

  • Hi Agustin,

    I couldn't agree more with your points in your writing. It is not about making mistakes, it is about the learning process itself. We will grow better if we can learn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here.  

  • Yes,  Agustín

    Making mistakes doesn't prevent us to learn English. I wonder why you titled it with numbers. Nice to see you blogging. 

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