30.10.18 Got lost again.

I thought that, that since I got glasses a year and about 3 or 4 months ago. I'm now better at orientation too, but not that much. I can go little bit deeper into forest I guess, but I'm still bad at orientation. I definitely must avoid going deep to forest where's no tracks or paths, or other obvious landmarks.. in any cost. Today I again got lost in town.. unfamiliar suburban. Just wanted to walk through of that suburban area.. I guess my mistake was looking all those big houses instead of noticing the layout of streets. Was looking houses and thinking, that how stupid people must be, to want such huge houses. Heating them at winter sure is so expensive.. And really there were some big houses empty, windows broken.. And so I guess I did not notice turns and direction changes.. Also made 2 consecutive right turns... Then started to wonder where I am.. By my calculation I was supposed to have already got through of that small area. Then on next street crossing, I actually wanted to turn right again, because I was suspecting that I have drifted too much left and going further away from home, but then I noticed, a bigger street with more traffic ahead at left and so I turned left, hoping it's a more familiar street. Then when I reached there, I felt the place is somehow familiar, but somehow strange too.. It was mirrored What was supposed to be at east was on west, and west was in east, and the forest that was supposed to be at right was at left and... then I knew, it really is the same street that I have passed so many times, both by feet and bicycle, just that I had lost my sense of direction. I had actually made a loop and got back to the place I started.. So glad that I did not turn right on last turn. Otherwise I would have done another loop. I must be a big idiot to get lost like that.. It seems, that it happens a lot to me. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest kid in family, also did not have much friends in my own age with whom to go to explore when I was kid. Always with older brothers and then instead of observing surrounding and layout of area, I was trying to keep up with brothers. Never choosing direction and leading by my self, just following.. being on guard, for to not lose sight of some of my older siblings... when searching mushrooms in forest, or just adventuring.. Also I did not like to go outside in town too. Mostly we lived in town, but I was indoor type there, and at country I wanted to go to adventuring, but was pegging my brothers to go forest together. Was afraid to go alone.. Or I guess I really am just stupid, or absent minded. In past I have pumped against light boles at street, or traffic signs too. :D But maybe that's common and happens to anyone. Not sure. But I know other people actually won't get lost so easily as I do... Well it never has been a major thing, just little lost, the world isn't that big here.. where I live, not so big cities and such, but that's even more disturbing. If I manage to get lost in this small town or some small forest that's actually not totally unfamiliar, then... I must be just plain stupid.

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  • Its nice to meet you too Mayumi! I would have loved to see your hometown as it was before. You described it so vividly I was able to picture it in my mind! However, civilisation always comes with its costs. I grew up in the city but I've always admired the country side and it's simple life style.
  • Hi, Mayumi, you were right, the long comments like yours are standard and well appreciated. I really meant it as compliment, when calling your comment as blomment.. no sorry it was blogomment, that I wrote. I guess, that if I really said blomment, then that would really have sounded like a name for unappreciated long literature.

    Anyways, keep it up. I enjoy reading your comments.. So far. ^_^ Yes they are long, but they are also interesting. So I think you should be earned the privilege to write longer comments that anybody else. ^_^ But, I think there was a limit here, how many characters a comment can be, but I think that administrators should really make a privilege to you and increase that limit for you alone, if possible.. as to show appreciation to your great work... Even when you might not really need it increased. ^_^

    Also I must clear some confusion u might have. I live in small town, with population of about 100 000, witch is also second biggest town, of my country(Capital is first biggest). No actually I don't know the true size of my town now, my data is a bit old. Our town size increased this summer, because government forcibly married our town with a neighboring county, that has too few people.. So now we have really a town that also has agricultural sections things too. Many counties were joined together this year by government..

    When I was kid I spend all my vacations at our country house. We had a country house near to my grandparents house. And that is where I could go to forest. I have never met a bear, but I know they do exist there.. And I had been warned not to go to a forest close to my grandfathers house, because there was sometime, supposedly a bear nest somewhere(place where bear hibernated at winter)..
    I'm actually still scared in forest. There's this total quietness sometime. The feeling like time would flow differently, stay still or.. Or there's just stridulation of grasshoppers or some bugs at summer. And yeah because I don't know the direction. I know it's possible to tell the direction of north by looking trees trunks and rocks, for witch side has moss growing, when there's no sun or stars.. But I have forgotten it all.

    Lately I had again talk loud by my own in forest. Fortunately there was a crow who was flying above my head and cawing. It was nice familiar sound, but then I heard some strange sounds from swamp, that I could not recognize.. Some bird? moose? bear? martian spaceship...? It was a bit scary, because I did not know the origin of that sound and it's intention. I did not stay long, sat on my bike and rode away.

  • Hello Hardi, 

    Smiling here. Sorry for my very long comment aka bloggoment. I thought it was the standard here in your blog. :)   Ahm, it's just my mind, keep on flowing words when something is interesting arise. Like in your blog, your descriptions of your experience of being is very detailed and vivid. It's like there is a dashcam in every turn you make.

    I have a confession. I am also not good in directions. I'm opposite of myself before. Before I'm not afraid of losing my way, but now most of the time I'm afraid because I'm thinking the worst.

    Anyway, the bear is not a joke! You are very brave cos even you know you might encounter one you still go there. I can imagine your beautiful town in your description. It seems really cool, it has forest and beautiful old houses (well that's what I imagine with European houses, bricks and red roof). In summer you have wild strawberries wow a treat from nature! And in winter,  a very fun activity to slide in snow slope. I wish I could that one day! We have tropical climate and snow sledging is a dream for me. :)

    Another thing I noticed is your flow of thought of why those houses are so big and you thought it might be expensive to heat them in the winter..You might be one of those people who wonder why do people need materials things that are not that needed, that do not contribute to overall happiness. Bigger houses, bigger car, up to date gadgets could give them happiness but for only a short time. I sometimes wonder for these kind of things.. Are these things really worth pursuing? 

  • Hi Salma, 

    Yes, it was a wonderful place. But as time goes by, it is not the same as it was before. I haven't visited there for a long time. The last one was like five years ago. However, I have heard that many things have changed. The rivers are not that clean as before. Some of the rice fields are now subdivsion or housings. It is not that modern typical city like but now this place has different convenient store like 7eleven, fast foods and of course lots of cemented pavement. The landscape is not the same. I don't know how should I feel. Am going to feel happy because my home town is now developing or sad because something is now missing. I don't know but i preferred the simple countryside landscape.

    As being alone, until now when I am alone I feel more in peaceful state. I have more time to think and unthink.. A space.. 

    But the irony is I'm now the opposite of my childhood. Growing up in a city, my adventurous spirit was suppressed into being a stay at home type because many things to be done, rushed, always need to do somethings. Energy sucking things...The Dora in me slowly dies.. And it is hard to reverse it now that I'm adult.. I've become shy, awkward, and afraid to many things..

    Anyway, thank you Salma and nice meeting you. :) 

  • Hello Mayumi. Thank you very much for your great blogomment. It was very enjoyable reading. ^_^

    You were absolute opposite to me. I actually, did went to forest alone a lot, but then it was usually just the places where I had been before, with someone. I rode bicycle alone a lot.. But again on roads where I had been, with someone. But that was mostly because my older siblings already had explored everything nearby, and then proudly presented all the gems they had found, to me.. So there was nothing left for me to discover.
    Also every time, passing some forest I was scared. I was singing something song with not very nice lyric, very loud, or talking very loud by my own. So that, when there's some bear nearby, it will hear me from far and go away.. I liked to go to get forest strawberries most. There was nothing better, than freshly picked forest strawberries poured over with cold milk... ^_^

    At winter we used to go sledging to a hill.. the same hill in forest where we got forest strawberries at summer. There was forest planted, pine trees, on that hill, but there were some steep cleaner places, where we could sledge down.

  • Wow! You had a wonderful childhood Mayumi! Your place must be an awesome place to visit! You could have made this comment a blog too. :)

    As for me, I was always scared of being alone and still fighting that thing in me. That's why I can relate to what Hardi said.

  • What a blog! Very detailed. I enjoy reading it. And I just noticed that your comments can also be a blog itself.

    Because of your blog, I remember something in my childhood. I think in myself, that when I was a kid I was more adventurous and not afraid to explore, or to get lost. I was also born in a small town in a province, with greenery, rice fields, rivers, hills and surrounding mountains.

    I remember when I was a kid, the grown ups always telling me to go to sleep in the midnoon (siesta). Well, they say it helps to get me taller. But you know as a kid, playing and adventures are more attractive to me than going to sleep and gain a height. My feet are very itchy and aching to go outside and feel the sun, thinking what kind of interesting things I can discover for that day. You see, I was very clever little girl, to sneak out, I pretend that I have fallen asleep then after my cousin (one who assigned to take care of me) is already in her sound sleep, I'm on my tip toe, sneaking, not going to the door (bec most of them are on the sala/family room), I would jump from our window just to get outside.

    Then, from there, no one knows where I go and me too either. I just go with where my feet go. Sometimes I go to the place where many fruit bearing trees are. We have in our part of the town the hills that have many guavas, mangos, santols, star apples etc.. And yes, I'm not afraid to climb those trees (when l look back I wonder how could I climb those trees). 

    Moving on to my little adventure, I reliased when I was a kid I'm comfortable being alone. Doing my little hike, my little excursions. One time, I have thought to go a river to swim eventhough I don't know how to swim that time. It's a little bit far from our home. Maybe 30-45 min walk. For a kid of course, it's already far. I have gone there for a couple of times, but of course still I can't remember how to get there. But what I recall is that I just have to follow first the train path (the steel railing of the train), then left, then follow the trail, because both sides have tall grass, many trees, coconuts etc. My eyes feast to the great world I had back then. I am delighted to see different plants, differents wild flowers and fruits (of course I pick some guavas on the way) then I see carabao resting and enjoying it's bath on the mud. A lot of things to see. I' My heart is so delighted to see butterflies, dragonflies, and even spider being busy on his cobweb waiving. The sounds of chirping crickets or something, birds humming and the gushing of the gentle water of the river sound so perfect to my ears. And yes, the waters I said to myself, I'm near now to the river.. Then I see bunch of children having fun swimming and playing on the shallow water. Also, I see children sliding on the inclined, slope kinda small hill, I can't describe but it's like a slippery, muddy slide. They shout at me to join them. I join and play with them, tried the muddy slides, even help them to find tibagwang, a kind of black edible snails. They said it's their supper later on....Ah what adventure. One of my happy moments in my childhood. Not afraid of anything. I remeber I had also what if's. What if I got lost or bitten by a snake or bullied by other chilren. But the still I go on. The adventures outside are more attractive than those things that haven't happen yet. I just wanted to explore, to discover many things.


  • LOL! :D

    Whatever the case might be just make sure you don't get lost in the forest!

  • Try to split you blog in paras enabling readers to read conveniently.


    Nice try

  • Thank you O. M. Yes well, it's true that bad topographical disorientation, is not equal with stupidity. Also Some otherwise very stupid person might be good at orientation. But when I do same mistakes often and not learning from them. Then there's no way of denying of my stupidity anymore. ^_^

    As for wandering. I have very simple solution. I just call it exploring and adventuring instead. I know, I know I don't approach it scientifically enough to really call it as exploring, that's why wandering suits more, but then. Let's say that I explore also my wandering capabilities while adventuring and exploring the landscapes. :D

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