Why do people need a Bachelor's Degree? Do you think it's OK to have one even your old to go back to school?

In general  having a Bachelor's Degree is like having a good job a head of you because you can choose what job you want. You can choose to be a doctor or nurse if you have a degree in medicine . You can be a Painter or Graphic Designer if you have a degree in Fine Arts. You have so many opportunities to choose from as long that you have a degree.

There's a Saying " Education is the only thing that can't be steal from you"

Meaning having a good education will last forever. Its a thing that you worked hard during your days in school. It can't be steal it,literally but you can lend that knowledge to help other people specially to those who you loved.

Today I will discuss  to you the three things why bachelor's Degree matters to a person

1 . Career Growth

Here in my country which is Philippines ,Some companies preferred bachelor's degree holders to be their high rank officials. Because as they say , having degree shows that your well educated. Sounds unfair but that's how reality works.

Like in my case, I did apply to be in a much higher position because I wanted some career growth. I been in the companies for years and I think I'm qualified enough or deserved  a shot be promoted. But unlucky, they say , I'm not qualified because I don't have a degree. That's event  in my life shows that in order to be promoted or to have a much better position in a company you should have a degree.

2 . Opportunities 

If you don't have a degree you will have less opportunities when it comes to jobs. Mostly, those you have a degree they can work whether on the fields or in the office. Unlike to those who don't have they don't have choice but to work on fields because that's  the destination for them. This was what I've experienced I don't know to other people. 

Like in my case, I'm a graduate of computer science though I'm a graduate of computer science I can't be an IT Staff like programmer , system administrator or any person that worked in the IT  industry, because I'm just finished a two years course in computer science. And they required a bachelor's degree on the said jobs. Which is bad because even though your good in programming they will not hire you because of your educational attainment.

3. Self Fulfillment

And the last thing or point in my mind is self fulfillment. I saw some people went back to school because they want the feeling of having a bachelor's on their side. Maybe during their early days they didn't got the chance to have one so they went back to school when everything was settled for them.

Like in my case ,  I'm want to go back in school for my self fulfillment and career growth too. By the way I'm just 26, so I'm not that old to back. I'm just hoping if this thing happened in the near future. It will be great and I promise that I do my best to be a good student.

I value happiness for me having this Bachelor's Degree thing will give me happiness if ever I made it to happen. But for now I don't rush myself everything will fall on there places in god's time.

I recommend you to think of having a Bachelor's Degree. I'm pretty sure that it would help you a lot in your future endeavors.


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