29.10.18 Winter.

First little snow and cold weather has arrived. By the noise it looked like most cars had got studded tires already, when I was walking in town. I don't like that noise. I say, it's even painful to ear. I already did not like that motorized pollution before, but every year, when winter arrives, I can confirm, yes they really can be more annoying.. And then those silly drivers.. no I mean those motorized junk operators, who think that they have good traction from winter tires and smart computer assisted cars. They sure will get into accident.. Which serves them right, I just hope that no one get's hurt except cars. Fortunately the first snow won't stay too long. It's supposed to get warmer again by Wednesday, but the noise I have to bear until to spring, when they are forced to change to summer tires again. They should just ban studded tires for cars in populated area. Only bicycles should be allowed to use them. Smarter skilled drivers use universal tires that work well all season in city, or town environment anyways, but I guess, some want to fly high speed all year around and cause headache to pedestrians and those drivers who don't have so much traction.. Also heavy trucks and buses, aren't allowed to use studded tires, then why the small cars owners can't drive without ice studs?

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  • Hi, Fizzy. I did not change tires yet. The winter is over now. It's raining now. Only snow is the snow piles pushed to side of roads.. and some snowman that kids had made, but it got warm again. I can still ride usual tires.

    But when winter really comes. I will install those 2 tires with bigger knots of tread on picture.. The fourth and sixth at picture I posted earlier.. on reply to Onee-chan.

  • early preparation.. do your bicycle already replace with the studs tire or chain tire.. incase you want to cycling during winter ^^

  • Thank you bet and Onee-chan, for the comments and encouragement. ^_^

    Onee-chan Studded tires and spike tires are same things. They have metal studs inserted to tire thread for better grip on ice. Car tires usually have tungsten studs, or studs with tungsten core, for bicycle tires, thy sometime use also hardened steel studs. Those studs or spikes make noise when cars ride fast on pavement. Also, they wear pavement more faster, while also kicking tiny particles of pavement to air, which are also harmful to breathe in.

    Also some winter running shoes have ice studs under soles. But I don't have such shoes. I only once saw them sold in a store, but they were expensive and they did not have my size either.

    But I did buy something things that u can pull over your boots and that way have ice studs, but I never used them. I bought them because I have studded tires for bicycle, but that way I have good traction only as far I sit on bike, as soon I want dismount, I might fall, but.. in end I never used them, since can't walk with those indoors. They would scratch the floor. So I should put them out at outside and then take off before getting indoor again. ^_^

    2602507132?profile=originalBicycele tires. From left: With ice studs, then 2 without icestuds and then 3 at left has icestuds again.

    2602507234?profile=originalAnd here are those things, that I bought for my boots... They were cheap that time, when I bought them. I guess they would not be too useful, even if I tried to use them.

  • Hi Hardi!

    So, the winter has come. I like to hear people's story about winter. ^^

    Btw, honestly, I don't understand these two things.... "studded tires" "ice studs". What are those?

    Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Oh...so winter has come to your part! Thanks Hardi for sharing this blog. Yes, in the cities and towns we have pollution...keep writing!

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