I am a nurse, there are many problems that we always encounter in which not all patients with the same character and desire, but we are working with a fixed smile,,,,whatever we face all have joys and sorrow
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  • God bless you for doing such a demanding, though rewarding job.

  • Tentu saja Yeni sulistiani, saya mau teman dan guru. Silakhan membaca blog saya, The Wedding dan koment. Terima kasih kembali yeni!

  • Hai dara gino,,we can all be friends for all with good intentions,and i hope this brings some good friendships
  • Thank you for your attention, i hope i can continue to serve patients with a smile and still enjoy to do everything
  • Saya harap kamu baik Yeni Sulistiani, mereka bilang, Kamu malaikat rahmat. Apakah itu benar? Silakhan, saya injin tentang rahmat mu, mungkin? Maksudnya, saya mau akan teman kamu. I hope to be one of your friends. They say that you are the angels of mercy.

  • You are doing a brave and honest work.  May you be blessed for this.

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