I'm a teacher of English from Argentina. I'm trying to put into contact my students with others students of English around the world. For the ones who are interested, you can contact me and then I'll give my students info. Thanks!!!

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  • Hello Nina cosa

    thank you for your nice blog 


  • Guys, I guess you didn't get Nina's point. She won't teach you, she won't start any group, she wants to find English learners - friends for her students. Btw why those students can't join this website and make friends here?
  • Hello Nina!

  • I am Tawfeeq from Iraq. I will be glad to join to your group.

  • Hello Nina 

    I am U Shaikh From India , I want to become a part of your esteem Group 

    Have a wonderful day 

  • Hello Nina
    Thank You so much for this offer , it was good Idea for practice speaking english with adult students .
    I want to be part of this members , it's my pleasure to join you .

  • Hello nina.

    my english is very poor. i would like to learn by some of your students. could you please help me
  • Wow ! I'm so glad there are many people interested in doing this kind of interaction.  My students are mainly adults but I also have a couple of teenagers.  And I'm doing this because I don't agree so much with the conventional methods of teaching mostly with the book. Nowadays people have the great chance to communicate easily, cheaply, and learning not only the language but also about other cultures... If you join us, it will be great!!!! Thank you

  • HI teacher, I would like to be a part of your student. I would be glad if you can add me.

  • Hello Nina!! 

    I don't have much time to practice my speaking skills, but I would love to practice a little with some of your students.


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