2021-11 : Planner 2022

What is happiness...?

Happiness to me is when I open a parcel full of new planners.  hahaha

I am still thinking about what should I get for planner 2022.   I did roaming few sites to see which planner might I like. 

Which one do you prefer?

Erin Condren


Happy Planner

Archer & Olive

Hobonichi Techo

There are lot more sites but the link above I frequently visit. 

I still waiting for a new release from Kokuyo - Jibun Techo Days.   Still no news on pre-order here in my country.   bummer...  I already saw the newly released tho.  


Fizzy @ WFH


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  • For me planner is too expensive, but a bicycle that cost many time more than a planner.. Yes of course I would like free bicycles. :) But I'm happy when I ride my bicycle, so I spend sometime too much. :D But happiness is more important than money.

    • Haha! I would also take a bicycle for free! I really need one.  :-DD 

    • yes indeed... that is why i only buy on Christmas sale... at least the price reduce .. 

      but money is a necessity.. you need it to buy and replace your bicycle part when broke down.. and you would not be happy .. hehe 

  •           That sound is unlike me. My friend, I have a strong content that, the great part of courage is; the courage of living your life without any planner. Really I am browed of being courageous. God bless you my dear.  

    • wow ... i couldn't do that.. not enough courage.   I would likely go crazy if i don't write down what is in my thoughts.  


  • What is happiness...?

    Dancing, sitting under the night sky, observing extraordinary creatures and last but not least: drinking hot chocolate... ;-)
    Planners are not on my list. XD

    But I enjoy reading these posts. :-DD


    • sitting under the night sky is the best especially when the sky is full of stars.  It's has been a while I see the star.  

  • Happy Planner and Archer Olive are preferable, but I would like to have all of them if they are free:))))



    • I prefer the planner is free too.. haha who doesn't want freebies as the planner is so expensive. 

      Archer & Olive have a beautiful hardcover.  and the paper is ink bleed-free.  I like it 

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