2021-06 : Working

My conversation with my mum for every single week. 


Mum :  When will you go to work?

me : I am working but Working From Home.

Mum :  When will you go to the office?

me :  Not sure yet...


a week later...

Mum : when will you go to work?

me :  I work from home.

Mum : Why didn't you go to the office.?

me :  Only 20% of workers can work from the office. 


Well.. I think my mum hates my work from home.. hehe I am guessing because I always around. 

I am sure I didn't bother her much.  I did my daily house chores before start my office work. 


Last week..

Mum :  When will you go to the office?

Me : geezz... i am going this Friday.. 

Mum : oh really...

Me : Yes.. I will and you will be lonely without me.. and no one will do house chores for you..

Mum : I did do that before you are not around...

me :  ......................................


The same questions happen every new week.   


I guess my mum worried that I might get fired if I don't go to the office.   Due to MCO - lots of companies fired few workers and closed down. 

It's sure worrisome.


Now the company allowed 60% staffs to go to the office.   So I will start Work From Office. 

I am sure I am gonna miss Work From Home.   


on the other hand -  I currently out of an ideas .. how to decorate my planner  (>_<)



yay!! my cd purchased is arrived.    The song from the live-action series. 


music mode :  Kis-My-Ft2 - Luv Bias


Fizzy @ Lazy mode on weekend


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  • I wonder how the dialogue will be when finally you get back to office :)))

    I extend my greeting and warm hug to your mom.

    • haha its turn back to normal.... if i am working seldom for me to talk with my mum unless there's important stuffs or my mum want me to know something important.   I always go back home late by the time arrived home.. take a shower .. have a dinner and sleep.. =D

      awww so sweet... i will 

  • Hello Fizzy,

    It's a funny dialogue. :D But, yeah. Your mother could think of a serious thing happen to you. People should be grateful for the work they still have and do today. It's a worrisome for sure.

    Thanks for sharing.

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