2021-04 : The Tallest Tropical Tree

Do you know, The Tallest Tropical Tree is here in Sabah, Malaysia. 

"|n the last few years exceptionally tall yellow meranti trees (Shorea faguetiana) have been discovered growing in Sabah.  The record height of an individual jumped from 288 feet (88 meters) to 308.7 feet (94.1 meters) in 2016.

This discovery is the first 100-meter tropical tree (and the world's tallest known flowering plant) recorded anywhere in the world. If it were laid along the ground the tree would be longer than a soccer field. They estimated it weighs 81,500 kilograms, or more than the maximum takeoff weight of a Boeing 737-800, excluding roots."

(source : National Geographic


Our Pos Malaysia decided to create The Talles Tropical Tree - Limited Edition Stamps.   I am so excited when found out about it.  Here is the unboxing video. 

I am glad the tree is well preserve.  I hope it will stay healty and long live.


Fizzy @ still at home.


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  • Nice video...:) 

    There is another tallest flowering plant available in Australia height 100.5 meters by the name Centurion

    And the world tallest tree name is Hyperion which is available in newyork and it's height apporx 115 meters.


    Centurion (tree)
    The Centurion is the world's tallest known individual Eucalyptus regnans tree and E. regnans is the third-tallest tree species in the world after the…
    • That's so cool... 

      Thanks for the info Tebrez Alam

  • Long live...Long Live....the tree.8575232681?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • indeed



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