2020-16 : Nothing much..

Nothing much going on right now.   Life remains the same but seems that people easy to forget when the "coast is clear".

(the coast is clear. —used to mean that someone can go somewhere or do something without being caught or seen because no one is in the area OK, the coast is clear—you can come out now!)

the increase of Patients is put on high alert once again.    This is no good.  I wish people will stay at home and follows the rules (SOP)

I have been neglected my reading for the past few months.   I started to read ebook yesterday, how I missed it.  The thrilled, the sadness, the happiness, and the laugh. 


Happy weekend  (⌒▽⌒ゞ.


Fizzy @ Home


p/s :  my new vid is up. 



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  • >>>Nothing much<<< That's exactly what I've done so far today. XD

    About Corona and such... my landlords are both 80 years old, and when in Germany the restrictions got lifted 6 weeks ago, they were the first ones climbing into their caravan and hitting the road. Don't get me wrong, they obey the rules, wearing their masks, etc. ... But some people are so afraid to die, they never live... and I don't wanna be one of them. ;)

    Have a nice week, Fizzy!
    BTW The coast is clear at my place... I should invite some friends and have a barbeque. :P


    • invite me too NotAClue.... hehehe my place is a greenzone... i can go out.. 

  •    There is no " clear coast " under the attack of Corona  virus  . I miss  life a lot too  . 

    • indeed... it makes us think twice to go out.  

  • Hm, Fizzy )) Let me ask you smth:

    1. What is the title of the book you've started reading?

    2. Are these videos yours?

    Sounds interesting..though hard to believe that those things work..hehh...have you tried them?

    • Hi Olga

      I am reading Faith Hunter Books - Jane Yellowrock series.

      Yes, that is my videos =D   please subscribe olga... hehehe 

      the patch  I am using when I'm going out... i am not sure how it works but it's said the patch help killing any microbe that around us. 


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    • Me neither, Ella. I haven't heard them before, so, let me join your words )))

    • No problem Ella... new word to learn... =)  

      Thanks for stopping by 

  • Stay safe... keep it up.   

    Happy weekend :)

    • you too Estanis... Stay safe..   Have a great weekend

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