~ 2020-12 : Bottle up ~

Bottle up - to keep (a feeling or emotion) inside instead of expressing it : to hide (a feeling or emotion).


That is what I felt right now.... all those emotions are compressed within my soul...  with lots going on here and around the world.

This is not good... not good at all...    It makes me depressed.  

I need a good cry ... to let it go...  to let it go all those negative and sad feelings. 


I know what I need...   A Sad Story... 

I need to watch a sad movie and cry myself out.....   let's prepare some tissue.. 

This movie is an old movie which is my fave.   I still cry every time I watched this movie.

What movie makes you cry? 



Fizzy @ Home


new vid is up on my channel  =)


music mode :   Mandy Moore - Cry


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  • Oh, Fizzy, I'm also great at bottling up feelings. In fact, you will find something like this in the dark place of my heart. 

    Okay, I stole that pic from the internet, but you got the idea. ;-)) 
    I don't watch sad movies 'cause reading the news makes me already cry... I prefer watching a funny episode of whatsoever. :-DDD 

    • NotAClue - there only a few spaces left... that's a good idea. I didn't think about it but I dont know any funny episode of movies or series... oh well except for Mr Bean.. 




  • Cheer up, dear Fizzy )) Everything goes by, and this too shall pass.

    There There Cats GIF - ThereThere Cats Cat GIFs

    • the wording "shall pass" remind me of Gandalf of LOTR..   ""ÿou shall not pass""

      I am okay now... thanks O.M




  • I like the way you enjoy the little things Fizzy really, as for negative feelings I guess we'll find them all along the life so maybe the key is how managing them, don't worry about them in excess, hmmm... well I shouldn't give advices for this since I tend to bottle up too (new English expression learned! thankss) Ok let's share a tissues pack :'(

    Oh now I'm watching a series 'Outlander' and admit this sassenach made my eyes wet.   Shhh... it's supposed I'm a tough guy.

    • you need crying in the rain then.... so it wont show your weakness.  =)



      I think i watched only few episodes of outlander... didn't finish watching it...  What season are you?

      I waiting for new series Warrior Nun or Nun Warrior... a new series... I saw the trailer seems promising... =D 

      I watched Blacklist - season 2 at this moment.... 

  • What movie makes you cry?

    Every emotional scene of movies, dramas, novels, stories, even when I write myself makes me cry. I am "liquid hearted". 

    • aww... soft-hearted you are... 

      then if I tell you a sad real tragic story... I could probably hear you crying... =)

      • No doubt, but you may only see my tears, not the sobbing.

        • giphy.gif

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