~ 2020-07 : I am Free.... err ~

nearly free but not...  (>_<)


after 2 months - work from home.  I decided to go to work but  I have to ask permission to my boss and company.   

I can't simply go out. During MCO, there is a regulation that already set by the government.   I need a release letter from the company that allows me to go to work.

Here is my journey vid. 

Not many colleagues allow going to work.  Out of 60 people on my floor, only 10 people allowed.

I am so shocked that my incoming email is 600 .. huuhuu..   What to do...  there is a lot that needs to be done and to read.  

Next week, I decided to go to the office again.  To settle a few workloads that I am not able to do at home. 


Take care 

Fizzy @ Home


Music Mode :  Linkin Park - In the End



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  • That was an incredible video that I have ever watched.

    • hi Gatsby

      Thank you for watching it. 

      stay safe.


  • It was all so mysterious watching your video.  Yes I also felt a bit dizzy, Fizzy

    • Thanks for watching it Mishaikh and sorry about it.. i shot it with my camera so there is no stability .


  • Wow, another amazing 'Walk with me - episode'! :-DD - Fizzy, I am happy for you that you're allowed to work in the office again. 

    To be honest I felt a bit dizzy while watching it. XD BUT I enjoyed those short views here and there.. only watching shoes is, well, a bit boring if you ask me. So don't ask me. :-P
    Next time please more sightseeing!!! 

    Can't subscribe... still no YouTube account or whatever you need. :-D 

    • sorry about it = D...    maybe i should do full view next time...  I shot it with my phone so there is no stability with the camera.. 

      i want to put full vid... but I dont want others to know where I work... ehehe   

      thank for watching it NotAClue  =) 

      • Nah, everything okay with your "camera work", I think I just got dizzy looking "down" all the time. Don't let anyone butt in in your artistic creation. ;-))  

        Looking forward for more fizzyness. :-)) 

  • Wow, incredible Fizzy's shoes. Lol

    Take good care of you! Stay safe!

    • hahaha... =P

      you too Onee-chan... dont forget on social distancing.. 


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