~ 2020-06 : Things I do during MCO ~

MCO - Movement Control Order.


How are you?  I hope you will stay at home and stay safe.


It is about one and a half month, I am working from home.  There is mixed feeling about it.  

I miss working in the office,  I miss watching a cloud,  I miss going to the bookstore.   I miss standing in the sun and I miss playing in the rain. 

There is time I am on depression mode which is no good but our government creates a helpline to the one who needs emotional support etc.

It is weird, how I read less during MCO.   I guess i won't reach my reading target for this year.   I only read 30 of 150 books. 


I got extra time working at home.   I have time on my planner update.  I have time to do some only shopping (which is dangerous because I am on a shopping spree)

my mum's birthday is coming on 8 May.  I bought her a massage chair.  I hope the parcel will arrive early, it might be late because the MCO.


I even had time to create my youtube channel... hahaha which is why and how... I don't know what content should I upload.   I planning to enter  MyEC Home Video Content but I was too late..

oh well.. here is my video. 

Please support and subscribe  =D  Thanks  


Take care




(time to do some works)


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  • Your aquarium spreads calm  🤤

    • Hi Estanis.. I haven't seen you like ages... 

      Thank you... glad you like it. 


  • Hello Fizzy, 

    LOL... It's not a surprise that many people are in despair. However, that condition otherwise will hatch the great artists. :D

    Believe me, I have no subsciber, should I manage my content, too? :D

    Ganbatte, sista...! ^^

    • its me again.... Thank you,  I just saw my channel...

      lets active once again Onee-chan

    • Hiya Onee-Chan

      Hope you are well..

      lets do this Onee-chan... lets subscribe each others... 


      Ganbaro p(^_^)q

  • I'm fine, Fizzy. I think your mum is going to love that chair. :-D Things will change... don't despair! 
    I've learned a new word: shopping spree :)


    • i am glad you learn new words from my blog NotAClue.

      Lets online shopping spree..  hehe


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