~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~

~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~


I Heart You...

I don't remember when was last time I said those words;  probably Never.

Due to different upbringings,  I never said those words even among my family members.   I guess, we did show it more toward our caring attitude.   We didn't say those 3 magic words, it always makes me shy. 

so I did an experiment via WhatsApp. 




When was last time you said, "Ï Love You" to someone?  This month?  this week? 


Fizzy @ Home


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  • Hello fizzy, 

    It is a nice blog to start my journey here. Indeed you were right about everything you wrote there. 

    For me, i don't remember what the first time was i told my family i love you..though i can show them my love by actions of course.


    Thanks for sharing.

    • Welcome to the EC Learner. I hope you will have a great time meeting and making new friends... 

      Hey we have same birthday date... yay...  =)

      let us practise to say those 3 words 


  • I'm not sure, but at least I know, I have said that "I love you too" pharse, when we had dog.. You remember her? her name was Pipa. She was not shy to show her love. When I got home and she welcomed me, I said "hello darling, I love you too". well, actually she really hoped that I will take her to a walk, because she, needed to pee and that's why she welcommed me eagerly, but she really did love her whoole family.. Even though I yelled at her everytime she tried to eat poop.. I yelled at her "dont't eat poop".. some school kids heard it and laughed. Well dogs do that, when they have stomach problem.. Eat someone else's poop. They probably get some missing bacteria from there or smth. I don't know, but it's not pleasant when she later gomes to give you a kiss with that same tongue.. Or sometime she tray to roll in that smelly poop at outside and then try to jump your bed. Ewww, don't know why she did that.. but I still loved her.. she was really smart and good pet dog. And yes very clever and smart. What ever how well I kept my eye on her and watched what she's doing at outside. She still noticed when I looked to different direction and quickly rolled her pody in smelly poop.. I guess, that for her it was world best parfume..

    • yes i did remember Pipa... you shared her picture before... 

      ewww... poop breath....  luckily you survive   

  • This sounds somehow sad if it's true that you've never said those words... :(( I don't know whether it's the culture in which you live, or if it has other reasons... I find it sad.

    I have to admit I didn't learn those words, or what love is, in my family either. I was always astonished to see in other families a loving togetherness which I've never experienced at home. But some years later I did learn what it means to be surrounded by loving people, and I also learned how to say it and to show it to these people. :)) 

    Nice post, Fizzy :)

    • don't be sad NotAClue... even though i didn't say it ..  didn't mean that I don't love them... I did love them but its more toward my attitude rather say out loud... i don't know... if i try to say those words, it just stuck at my throat....   My family probably feeling the same. 

      It's good that you be able to say it....  show me some love NotAClue... hehehe




      • Gotcha, Fizzy! I believe if it's important to you and you feel it... you will say it one day... not only using pics.  Be bold! :))

        • i will try my best =D

  • So you put your family to the test? :D    I'm not fond of saying such words also, but it doesn't mean I feel less than the most romantic person. I,d say actions speak louder than words, by other hand no one avoids to hear them :)

    Last time?? Uff.. maybe in an exceptional moment.

    Btw undeniable Fizzy pic, right? 

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