~ 2020-02 : 1 2 3 ... ~

1 2 3 ...

I still can count... haha but I should start blogging.. 

1 2 3 ...

nope.. still not happening...

power mode on..




Fizzy @ in da dark


music mode :  Stay on These Roads - A-HA

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      • Aww... that's what I call a very thoughtful detail  :)

  • 5, 6, 7. I can count further than you!

    • dang it... i should count more.. i dont want you will be best of me... lol 



  • What the...?? 



    Now I demand a blog!


    • it will take a while... cause i am on zombie mode... =D




  • You seem to be able to transform into super Saiya-women. Great! :D

    • now i need to find dragon ball  =D


      • If you gather seven dragon balls, what do you ask Shenron for?


        • i wont assemble the dragon balls .. i need to think what should i get... wait i know what will i get.. but.. wait..  *thinking



          What will  be your wish Tam?


          • Of course, world peace!!!

This reply was deleted.