~ 2019 - 12 : Memories ~

~ 2019 - 12 : Memories ~

How to forget Sweet Bitter memories?

Suddenly I remembered... 

Things that I love

Things that I hate

Things that I regret



Fizzy @ Home


Music mode : Yuna & Jay Park - Does She

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  • Love that pic, Fizzy.
    As to your question... no idea...
    I live with my memories. They are part of my life. I accept them, but I don't wallow in them.  ;)


    • maybe i should do that...  mMm wallow.. is a new words for me.. hahaha you make me google the meaning... (^_^)d 

      welcome back to the world of EC NotAClue 

  • But no need to forget them, let's them be part of us too and accept, I just let time to place them where they belong to.   Btw, cool pic! I'll watch this moon in a while haha...

    Ohh Yuna, my new best singer. I must thank someone  :)

    • maybe i should... Thanks for the advice @Estanis. 

      me me me (^_^)/ (raise my hand)  i am glad you like her song.. she simply the best.. 


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