~ 2019 - 13 : Office's conversation ~

Situation :  Discussion among the colleagues 


Boss :  you need to book Alex's flight as he is not around, also you need to check the cost centre.

me : i already ask the tour agency but i need to ask branch about the confirmation..

Boss : do it before next week.

me : i will double confirm it later.

Boss : re-confirm it. 

me : what?

Boss : there is no such word double confirm.

me : what.... double confirm it.. (explain it again.. )

Boss : no... either re-confirm it or confirmed.

me : why... why cannot i use double confirm.. haha  i want to use it... 

meanwhile.. my collegues..

L : let's check online.. (typing).. 

me : how about double check.. 

L : no there is no such word double confirm..  double check yes 

me : geezz....  ok ok.. lesson learned.


hi  how are you?   hope you all are well..  

take care 


i see you when you see me


Fizzy @ Home.


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  • I confirm that you can 'double confirm' anything you want... And don't let anyone tell you how many times you can confirm stuff!! 

    Signed: Your O.C.D.


    Funny cute convo, thanks for sharing! ;)

    • opsss... luckily its only double confirm....   that would be triple o.c.d


  • Nice. learned different thing. Thanks


    • your welcome Viral... we all a learner here.. 

  • Hello Friend,,,, Wonderful.. Thank you...

    • hi adriano  hope you are well . Thanks for stopping by =)

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