~ 2019 - 08 : Reading Challenge ~

~ 2019 - 08 : Reading Challenge ~

My reading target near to end.  Halfway through. 





Yay \(^_^)/   Somehow .. somewhere..  I am able to achieve it.  Unlike like last year, I failed to do it.  

4 months to go..  and currently I am out reading material.


What is your fave author?  Could anyone suggest me a good fiction / novel books.  


Fizzy @ Home not working. 


Music Mode :  The Wonders


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  • Hi Fizzy,

    Nice personal challenge.

    Ok, a classic and easy reading to help you to reach your goal:

    The shampoo label.


  • I am also keen on reading but after reading bunch of official letters and files, I am too tired to read any book. A good book extinguishes tiredness. Keep reading and suggest good book 

    • true.. sometimes i am too lazy to read during office hours.. usually after i went home..

      a good book... my fave and yours probably different.. i love to read paranormal crime solving romance and kickass female heroin.. haha

      Thanks for stopping by @Arif

  • Good work Fizzi. Keep it up. You will become a philosopher in yourself with this speed of reading.

    • well thanks @mishaikh..   i dont think i will become one... i just enjoy the adventure of what store in the books.. thats alll 

  • Wow you are so keen reader. I am glad to know. Reading suggested books is better than randomly chosen books  

    Keep in touch you are a good stuff in EC :)

    • when i have time... i usually read when i am on train or any public transport to kill time .. 

    • haha not so much but i did try when i have free time.  

      will do @Persona... will do 

  •     Thumb up :) you have done a great job Fizzy  , just keep going a head . Reading is like anything else in life we need to make it a daily habit . When , it becomes  so , it will stay forever with us 

    • Hi @Rosemary.  Its has been a while.. 

      True and furthermore it will improve our English.   Thanks for stopping by 

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