17000th blog post of MyEnglishClub

  • From what number of posts are you here? 
  • What was the title you are the first to post?
  • Do you still interact with some of the friends who were the commenter on your first blog post ? 

Sorry, I cant remember I need to check................? 


Good-by, everyone..............

Blog Post, just for fun@@@



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  • Can you remember Mr. ModaWay!?

    look at his old profile: https://web.archive.org/web/20160429000518/http://www.myenglishclub...

    Can you remember the red, pink and yellow flowers as gifts!?

    And the personal music player!!!


    ModaWay's Page
    ModaWay's Page on MyEnglishClub
    • I will never get why is removed personal music player.. 

    • ★ Mohammad A., your contribution makes me sad. I miss the old MyEC and its facilities and tools. Everything was clear and plausible in the old version of MyEC.
      I miss a lot of the old members who were active and interested in what was going on on this site.

      Yes, I remember the red, pink and yellow flowers as gifts and also the personal music player.

      You are right, SOME MEMORIES NEVER FADE!

      I miss even Danny's and Tanya's Grammar challenges though I failed very often by the first try...(LOL).

      I don't know why...but at that time, the numbers of participants in discussions and challenges were higher than nowadays.

      Do you remember?

      • I think we all miss old MyEc.. 

        But, i also think it is not about version of MyEc, but more active members who created such nice atmosphere here.. 

  • Ah... I miss the old MyEC.


    look at the names... MARY, Onee-chan, Gabriel, Mishaikh...

    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • I don't know when Exactly I joined MyEC. maybe 2015.

    Here is one of my old blogs:


    Humanity - The Great Dictator's Speech
    Here, I'm Going To Talk About Chaplin's Speech In One Of His Best Movies Called The Great Dictator.
  • I cant remember.. it must be some loooong time ago ))

    Btw. I like these kind of blogs, for fun.. it is relaxing..


  • I think I have wrote more than 200 blogs  

  •   This was 5 years ago with my first profile  here it was " The fuel  of life "  and was a translated  piece from my Arabic writings  . That day I was thinking what about posting a blog . The first  thing that came into my mind was translating  my own Arabic words . That blog was appreciated  by many members  , which , encouraged  me to write more blogs  . I find it enjoyable  to write and get some feedback  on your thoughts from time to time  . However  , the club  changed a lot  there isn't  much  reading or writing  as it was before  .

    • I am curious about your first blog. If possible please share it again.... I believe you will share some of your best blogs again one by one..

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