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I am crawling, grovelling and sometimes, I run, nevertheless, I have been moving very slowly to get to the number one hundred blog. Shame on you Dara! People have already done more than four hundred blogs and you are still creeping to get to your one hundred blogs. If you divide those blogs into the number of years on My EC, the outcome or the consequences would be very disappointing.          

Now, I have reached it but honestly, I do not know what to tell the reader? Now, shall I tell him about my failure of reaching that number? If the great bloggers see this, no doubt they will laugh at me. I can see and feel the sarcastic glance in their eyes. I do not mean my dearest friend, Mr Mishaikh personally. By God, no, I wish him all the best in his life and the other great bloggers, too. 

Dara Gino, the lazy teacher is moving like a turtle, maybe slower than the turtle itself. Of course, we have to cherish our visions and our dreams. I do not know what my ultimate achievements are. Is it the number of the blogs or topics we write?  

Some readers might agree to that. Others might choose the option of the quality. nevertheless, great people always dare to follow their dreams through good times and bad times. I do not want to praise myself. Yes, it is my one hundred blog on My English Club. I wonder, shall I feel proud or ashamed?           

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  • Mushkoor ya Hassan Alhayumi! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Donnobad Tony!  Are you in Mir Poor 2? Thanks for pressing the like button, 

  • Teskkur ederim, Emre! Yes, I think so, but when you compare to the great bloggers, it is not that much. However, many many thanks, my dear good friend. Thanks for your comment on the one-hundredth blog.    

  • Thanks, Evangelina for your encouraging comment. I really appreciate it. By the way, you are not on the screen, I hope you are doing well. We really missed your sincere and kind topics. 

  • You have to feel proud of yourself Dara...
    100 Blogs aren't a small thing... Congratulation...
  • Congratulations so many times, Mr. Dara :)

  • Hahaha! Xie xie Leo! You are a new member. After one or two years, you could write more. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Xie xie Shane! Thanks for your nice comment. I am waiting for the friend request. Thanks for your comment.

  • Congratulations,teacher Dara,it's a great achievement.

    I just posted 0 blog here,and if you are moving like a turtle,then I'm a stone,lol.

    pls keep sharing us more.

  • haha, you did a good job, 100blogs, so many, i am new here, glad to be your friend.

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