Video Challenge: Correct My Sentences

Welcome to our video challenge!
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Your challenge:

1. Please provide the correct answers for the five sentences. Assemble the group of words to make the sentences correct. Type your answers on the comment below.
[ will enhance] [English movies] [our listening skills.] [Watching]
Watching English movies will enhance our listening skills.

2. Record a video and make new set of exercises. You can write them down on papers, on whiteboard or anywhere that your sentences can be seen. You can make 3-5 sentences. Your topic could be about MyEC, or anything that you like.

3. Upload your video in our video gallery. The title of your video should be, Video Challenge: Correct My Sentences.

4. Challenge your EC friends to answer your questions.

5. I'll respond to your answers. I hope you'll participate on this activity. Good luck! If you have questions about this challenge, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

Thank you!

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