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At 4:50 on February 4, 2012, bluerose said…

hi Naveed

how are you ,Thank you so much my friend , it is nice of you !

At 4:17 on February 3, 2012,

Thanks for the card Naveed!

At 20:58 on February 1, 2012, RiTôChkà said…

i'm gr8 naveedos, thx for asking :)

what about u dear , any new movies for this weekend ?

c yàà !!

At 16:29 on February 1, 2012, Dreamer Ḿǻ₦ said…
Thnk you so much bro :)
At 12:34 on February 1, 2012, Cinderella said…

Hello Naveed,

Thank you very much for your kindness...

I owe you all my best thanks...

All my best wishes for you!

At 9:24 on February 1, 2012,

Hi Naveed!

Thanks for your congrat! You are really a kind guy! :))

See ya!


At 6:50 on February 1, 2012,

Hi Naveed for you,

Thank you for sending me a greeting! I really appreciate it. However, I would like to give the credit for Ms. Cinderella whose page wasn't included on the Star members page, but she's included on EC's main page as this month's Star member. I guess there's a little typo error regarding this. 

Again, my heartfelt thanks! Take care my dear friend..... : )

At 20:16 on January 31, 2012, Ymn Pearl said…

Hello Naveed,

Thank you so much. :)

Ymn Pearl

At 22:15 on January 29, 2012, tHe uLtImAtE said…

At 21:23 on January 29, 2012, Kezang Tshering said…

I am fine and good where as how do you do?

At 21:04 on January 29, 2012,

At 16:14 on January 29, 2012, Cinderella said…

Dear Naveed,

I am fine my friend....what about you?

and how is everything with you?

I am very pleased with your warm greeting.

I hope to you all my best wishes.

GOD bless you!

At 13:35 on January 29, 2012, Tetyana said…


I'm fine! The weather is very frosty today - 20 degrees below zero! What's the weather like in your place?


At 13:05 on January 24, 2012, Cinderella said…

Good Afternoon Naveedooo,

How are you my dear?

You know, Faith makes everything possible,

Hope makes everything work,

Love makes everything beautiful.

May you have all the three as you begin each day.

All my best wishes for you!



At 16:14 on January 21, 2012, Cinderella said…

Hello Naveed,

How are you?

Thank you very much for stopping on my page and leaving a such nice comment.

I am so grateful with the friendship we share.

Today I opened my room window, looked to the sky, and I wish you:

Peace within your heart...........Love from your friends and family

Faith to guide your way...........And sunshine to light your day

Have a wonderful day!

With all my love...

At 18:40 on January 13, 2012, Cinderella said…

Hello Naveed,

How have you been?...Thank you very much for accepting my friendship request..

It is my honour to be your friend...

I hope you all my best wishes

Have a great day!



At 20:26 on January 10, 2012, cold moon said…

hi naveed !!

how are u ? long time no see !! hope u are doing great "^_^" actually i never got the chance to thank u for stopping by my page and put cards :D soo thank u !! "^_^" and i know it is late but hope this year fulls of happiness and hope u achieve all what u want :) that's all :)

take care :)

At 15:05 on January 9, 2012, jenny park said…

Thank you for all the nice things you said to me except the pic you post. That was horrible but interesting picture lol. Do you really believe that the world is going to end in this year? If it's really happening I'm gonna kill myself before I die from awful disaster...;p

At 7:02 on January 8, 2012, Emma Hagedorn said…

have a prosperous new year too and wish u all the peace and happiness in life. another journey for the rest of us. take care and god bless.

At 19:27 on January 7, 2012, Richlingo said…

Hi Naveed - thanks for the invite and your help!

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