When I was a little girl  ,I knew the lipstick belong to women.Of course no man use a lipstick.Lipstick is  one of women’s private belongs.

I recognized actually  I am a girl not  a boy at that time I stood in front of a mirror lipstick my mouth.The first time I had the deep  expression of a profile as a girl. Although human beings  told many times I am a girl and I was  different from the little boy next door whom I  always play games  with. That boy do not like the lipstick nor interested in it. Through the mirror I could see not only my red lips on my face but also the lady resemble me in the future.That is the secret I couldn’t tell the next door boy ,but can share with my girl friends whom all love lipstick.That year I was 6 years old.When my classmates with me putted on performance the teacher make up for us,our joy were immense.

At that time our parents are still young.I remembered when my mother picked up the lipstick to make up ,I was concentrated myself  on her all graceful action.I used the lipstick secretly When my mother is not in.With the excited mood ,I sneaked  into my parents bedroom and quickly picked up the lipstick on the dressing table. After I lipsticked my mouth,I  left home to see my friends.On the road I was jumping and running happily, my two braids fluttering in the air simultaneously,and I would cover  my mouth when familiar people passed by.When my parents off work to home I was already back home and began watching TV ,it looks noting has happened.

The lipstick can make me more beautiful which making a 6 years old girl believed without a shadow of doubt  till now.

Now I am grow up and began  to work ,I have different mood with lipstick.When I date with my boyfriend ,lipstick is my best friend. The beautiful color  on my lips make my boyfriend probably want to kiss me. When I am working ,I would like chose light red color  to make myself look better not frivolous. Lipstick can also

bring me a good look when I feel upset,especially when I am in unhealthy body condition.When I am unhappy ,I would buy one lipstick to make me more happier . When I am happy ,I would also buy one lipstick as a present . How many lipsticks are enough ? The answer is never ! Different lipstick match different clothing  and mood.Men would never understand it.

Beautiful female movie stars always have red bright-colored lips to look more sexy and specially. When you lipstick the pink one, you may like a princess in your mind and express gentle style.Just like perfume,lipstick can bring a unforgettable first expression.Sometimes natural botany lipstick can wet your lips and some contain sun block ingredient can protect your lips.Girls like making  up,lipstick is necessary.

Lipstick like mostly a spiritual ballast which brings hope and strength to me.You can’t steal my lipstick.

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Comment by Expector Smith on February 25, 2017 at 2:10


Interesting topic! Thanks for sharing!

I wonder why men don't lipstick their lip - it makes sense, though, because men's lips can be so raw and cracked, especially in wintertime. So, it's acceptable for them to lipstick their lips with colourless lipstick:) 

Comment by Rosemary on February 24, 2017 at 7:36

A wonderful blog and a nice way of writing, I buy lipsticks but I have a bad habit I wipe it out , I don't like to keep it on my lips I like kohl more :)

Comment by noaslpls on February 24, 2017 at 3:50

Hmmm ... I can't understand why some women have so many lipsticks. LOL.  For me, lip balm is more important than lipsticks. Sometimes I totally forgotten to wear lipstick one whole day, but will find it less comforting if I don't wear lip balm.

Comment by Eman on February 23, 2017 at 22:58
Lol. That much love for lipstick :D
Snr's comment brought me here :D
I like make up but i do not do :-!
I don't like myself after makeup may be I don't have sense how to apply :D But I'm thinking to pay serious attention towards it.I'm thinking to learn from snr :p she teaches good. :D
Comment by AG on February 23, 2017 at 22:16

hehehehe, you women are strange creatures :P 

I also join my voice to Estanis's.. I don't understand about such things.. I only like to see reddish lips on a girl.. 

btw, photos or SNR below look very tempting :P

Comment by Estanis on February 23, 2017 at 21:23
I'm not an expert on lipsticks but I agree that they can make a woman happier in a grey day for her haha...
Nice blog and thanks for sharing Jessica. Keep it up! ;)
1edzcawym6zny Comment by 1edzcawym6zny on February 23, 2017 at 20:48

OMGG.....Million likes from me for this blog. I'm a great lover of lipstick. Whenever I step out for shopping Lipstick is a must item in my shopping list. It really makes me happy. I completely agree with u. I always apply lipstick shade which matches with my dress. I for me everything is incomplete without a lipstick. :P
I have a huge collection of lipsticks (around 30) but still, I always look for more lipsticks. :D
All says I have a good sense of choosing a lipstick shade and when it comes to Red I always choose blood red Matt shade It looks so stunning.

Thanks Jessica for sharing this blog ^_^

Comment by dara gino on February 23, 2017 at 14:02

Huanying Jessica! Welcome, Jes. Could I be one of your friends? Thanks!

Comment by jessica on February 23, 2017 at 12:59

Thanks for your attention!I think the purple and dark pink lipsticks are best choice  to brown skin.And red one is also right choice  to wedding.Brow lipstick? I won't choice it.@dara gino

Comment by dara gino on February 23, 2017 at 12:43

Xie xie Jessica! My niece's wedding is tomorrow. She told me to buy her a brown lipstick because of her brown skin. Do you think she will look better? Actually, I wanted the red one for her, but she told me that it would look weird on her lips. By the way, she used to put purple one.

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