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Writing Challenge: Who Am I? / Who Is She? / Who Is He? (edited version)

Do you like psychology?

Do you think, you know yourself the best or you may surprise or even shock yourself with some of your reactions? How do other people around you percieve you? What is your opinion on some of your EC friends? Can you describe them?

Well, here is my Writing Challenge, which might look little bit difficult or hard as your task will be EITHER to share something about yourself OR to share your view on EC member you consider your friend and know something about them... 

Haha, come on...calm down, guys. To be more specific - your task will be to describe EITHER your personality OR personality of some EC member. Just tell us, how you see yourself, if you are satisfied or not, what you would like to change, what you like about your EC friend, why do you like them, what gets on your nerves etc.

As it is also about studying, I bet you might come across some new words while writing and thinking about it all - so try to use them to make your readers (us) smarter. You can also add how other percieve you :) What about to make fun of yourself and your negatives? Are you capable of it? By the way don't hesitate to come up with some real stories proving your character or characte of your EC friend and please don't be so modest..praise yourself, your EC friend as much as you can...ehmmm... however don't forget that nobody is perfect and we all have some negative sides, which shoud be also mentioned :) It will be interesting to get to know something about yourself from your friend's point of view and I hope it won't lead to any fights nor arguments :-D 

So please, give it title: Writing Challenge: Who am I? / Who Is She? / Who is He? (choose one of them) and post the link here among the comments bellow... 

By the way, it is just Writing Challenge for fun, to improve our writing skills, so take it easy please and it may be funny to read your lines here after some years, don't you think so?

So my dear friends, I hope you will think long and hard and will post your blogs, so that others would get to know something more about you or your EC friend ;-) I am looking forward to reading your blogs :-) Thank you all in advance!

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Comment by Rose on Monday

OH, still one thing, Evangelina. I forgot to say many thanks to you for your nice words about the facts and especially what you said about me as person.

Smiles and a big hug for you.

Comment by Rose on Monday

Dear Evangelina,

please you must not apologize. There is no need to do it. We write blogs here because we want to discuss with others about the topic and share our thoughts.
I am always happe to read your opinion... so ... don't worry.

Comment by Seeker on Sunday
Comment by Evangelina on Saturday
Hello Rose,

I am so sorry if me asking, brought you in embarrassment, that was never my purpose for asking.

I was here that day in the morning, and hurriedly I just skimmed your blog through, and when I came back because I wanted to leave comment there, blog was gone.

I asked here, because somehow I knew your reasons for deleting, must have been those as you have expressed here.

Other thing is, there are members here who has been here for many years, and yes they know probably each other well and are friends...but oftentimes there is just a familiar tone here. When I was new member here I also thought as you, oooh waaoow they all know each other so well. I have been member here for a little over two years and most of the members I only know through their writings.

So what I wanted to say is, please be comfortable and share confidently what you like to, what others may think, assume and interpret from your writing, that is their responsibility, can never be yours.

I really like there are mature members here like Danny, Sir Jeffrey, YOU, this helps to create another kind of atmosphere here, a more conciliatory and friendly one. Please keep the spirit and keep up your good works here.

Hugs and smiles from here.
Comment by EC Member on Saturday

I'd like to read about your personality.

In case you are bored and have nothing to read here is something to spend or waste your time:D

Comment by Rose on Friday

A few of you commented on my blog with my poem with the titel "Who am I?"  
I appreciate every single comment and I am really surprised.
People they don't know me (for long and even not in reality) are able to read my personality.
I am happy because all of your comments are positive. I was not sure if I could allow myself to send my comments and texts for some challenges because it seems all of you know each other already for a long time. I was unsure if I'll be welcome.

I got very nice and touching comments ... and please ... believe me, I would like to leave something in return. I mean I would like to write such comments like " that's typical.... (and add a name) but I don't know whether I have a right to do that. Of course I have an opinion, a feeling or an idea of your personalities but I am still a newcomer here on this site and so I was not sure whether it is presumptuous to guess and to comment personalities of you.

I had posted an article with the link to my blog with my contribution to the challenge. After some days I realized, just very very very less people were interested to read it. I felt embarrassed because my contribution was very personal, not that funny and thrilling as other's and so I deleted my blog. I thought it will be better for me to write a blog about general or funny topics... or my poems (sometimes).

I was hoping nobody will notice that I have deleted my contribution ... but Evangelina noticed it and she asked, why I have done it.
I think she deserves an answer. That's why I wrote my explanation here.

So: please don't take my absence from this challenge as kind of arrogance.
This challenge is much more as usual ...  it's very personal and I just had doubts if it was "my best idea" to share my thoughts about myself or to comment the personality of others.

I did not post my poem as a part of Luci's challenge "Who Am I? / Who Is She? / Who Is He?"
It's the same title because I was inspired by the topic.

Comment by Danny Clark on March 23, 2017 at 14:23
Comment by Rahul Wazir on March 22, 2017 at 19:40
Comment by Peppo on March 22, 2017 at 7:30
Comment by Seeker on March 22, 2017 at 6:07

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