My keychain seems to be too silent and shy to say something about me! Yet, it has a little bit to say about me when you take a closer look at it. OK, let me prove it to you.

I think it was more than about six years ago,before entering university, when formally I was honored to have my first real key, though I had had some other kinds of keys to my boxes, diary notebook, or toys.

But this key was real and special showing that I am allowed to have my own key. To have it, which still is mine, meant that I am no longer a kid; I am an adult.

Actually, this key along with the beautiful accessory was not just a key; it was a gift. Once when my brother was back home, brought that souvenir for me. At that time, he was studying at university in another city.

He had someone there make a key to our home for me. For many years, I had just one key and it was the one I mentioned. 

I didn't change that accessory since then. So it says something about me; it says that I am a kind of person who doesn't forget the kindness of beloved ones; in this matter, my brother's kindness.

Also keeping that accessory for so long a time says something about me. First let me tell you what is written on it; it contains an Arabic verse from the Holy Quran-Muslims Holy book- which means: "Truth has come and falsehood has vanished"[Surah Isra-verse 81]. Below this verse, the name of the last savior in Islam is written; all in beautiful handwriting. So the accessory of my keychain says that I am not and do not like to be a kind of person who forgets about his religion along the path of life. Inshaallah, I will be moving on the path of God and goodness. It says that I am a religious person.

I couldn't ever replace this accessory of my keychain for two sacred reasons; first is because this piece contains a verse of Holy Quran, which is the best book I've ever had. The second reason is that it is a gift from one of the best individuals in my life, who is like a best friend to me; it is my beloved brother's gift.

All in all, my keychain reminds me of two holy and lovely things in my life; path of God and being truthful, and my beloved family. 

This single key was the only key of mine before I got married recently. After marriage, my husband had someone make a key of his family's house for me. So I had three keys then [two of them to two separate doors of the house now I am living, and one key to my own family's].

After some time, I needed to have two other keys for two locks. Once my mother-in-law gave me the key to a lock that I needed.

I have another accessory for one of the keys. This key is used rarely, so it is not next to the other keys with the special accessory. This accessory was given to me when visiting a power plant in my own city. Seeing this one, someone may think of me as a person who is into electricity! Sort of true, but not this kind of huge electricity; since my major is not power but telecommunications. Although I like all about electricity, it would be better to use some device related to telecommunications instead!

One interesting thing is that the key to my father/mother-in-law's looks alike the key to my father/mother's. Sometimes, I may choose the wrong one because of their same appearance. One difference between these two is that one has a trapezoid atop it and the other key has a circle atop it.

The similarity may show how these two family have some similar characteristics and interests. It shows I love my husband's family somewhat the same as my own family. It shows that I have good memories in both houses. It shows that these two houses bring nostalgic memories to my mind and heart. :)

I can say even more describing my keychain by looking deep into them, but the main things were as I said above.

Thanks and have a great time.



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Comment by Hani on October 31, 2012 at 16:07

My so lovely Zahra, my old dear friend , please take my congrats for such a great piece of writing :) i really very so much enjoyed listening to your voice and reading the text, although your so sweet voice was not like its always and i knew You got cold at least i hope it was only a normal cold or flue and not more ! but yet i while was listening to you i was feeling as if i am having same problem to speak with the sickness :|  inshallah by now You are OK fully :)

Getting to know about the truths your key-chains tell was one of the most splendid facts for me in MYEC , i so honor you for such deep and great personage and cherish about all you keep on behalf of religion and holy stuffs , i too much like this personable attitude to be belonged to a line and a harbor :) 

i hope to read as much as your writings some in a while and to get much grasp about my dear pen palls ,wish your happiness and comfort will continue until consecutively Zahra jan and that may all your family members ( members-in-law) stay in health with you :)

yours with love ,Hani 

Comment by Zahra on October 28, 2012 at 16:37

Hi my dear teacher, Tara.

One of the reasons I enjoy writing in MyEC is having your kind and supportive attitude. It is always so encouraging to have your useful and kind comments on my writings. Thanks so much.

Here are the corrections; I hope that they are right.

1-Also keeping that accessory for so long a time [such a long time] says something about me.

2-Although , [comma is misused] I like all about electricity, it would be better to use some device related to telecommunications instead!


Have a great time.


Comment by Zahra on October 28, 2012 at 16:21

Hi dear Arif,

Thank you so much for your kind comment here. Thanks for the nice wishes.

Have a terrific time.


Comment by Zahra on October 28, 2012 at 16:19

Lovely Mitran,

Your comments are always close to my heart; full of energy and emotions. Your story must be an interesting one.  Sooner post it and tell us about it.

Thanks for commenting here. So nice of you.

Have a beautiful time. :)

Comment by Zahra on October 28, 2012 at 16:16

Dear Nida,

Thank you so much for commenting here. I am so happy that you liked the post.

Have a great time.


Comment by Zahra on October 28, 2012 at 16:16

Hi dear Grace.

It's so nice to have your comments on my blogs. Thank you so much for the nice, encouraging words.

Have a nice time.


Comment by Tara Benwell on October 22, 2012 at 18:50

I agree with Grace; I loved hearing your voice! Your stories show that you cherish your faith, your family, and your independence. Excellent writing and reading! Thank you so much for taking this month's challenge. 

Here are two places where you can make corrections. Can you figure out the problems?

Also keeping that accessory for so long a time says something about me.

Although, I like all about electricity, it would be better to use some device related to telecommunications instead!

Comment by mitran on October 21, 2012 at 12:18

lol..Poor you! wrong key..kekeke...I never choose wrong key because of one reason : I use a key which already made "Master-key". I mean : I have only one key and I use that key to open all rooms of my house. Will tell you more in my blog (this challenge). Please wait.....

Comment by nida on October 20, 2012 at 18:32

Wow, such a lovely story! Loved it! 

Thanks Zahra for writing such an interesting blog.

Comment by Grace on October 20, 2012 at 13:01

What a beautiful story of your keychain!  It contains love behind it. Thank you for sharing, Zahra.

Btw, I like hearing your voice recording. Good job! :)

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