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Writing challenge - Dinner guest

It didn't take me so much time to make a decission whom I would love to invite for the dinner. I decided to follow my inner voice, to listen to my heart. Actually, it isn't bad idea to invite some celebrity or character from  a book but since I have one wish, which would be able to make come true, let me dream and enjoy my fictive awesome dinner with my beloved granny.

Unfortunatelly, my granny isn't already here among us, she died four years ago and I miss her so much. I can say she is still in my heart, in my memories and somehow I even feel she is watching me from the heaven because she is and always will be my angel.

First of all I have to decorate the table so that everything would give impression like time stopped long time ago, as if almost nothing was changed. Wooden table, some simple tablecover, candles to make this moment special and fresh flowers in the vase - these I would bring from my walk to make my granny happy. For some people maybe simple, for others not good enough but I like the saying that beauty lies in the simplicity. I am  imagining the dinner with my granny outside, only me and her during one nice warm October evening, somewhere in the countryside where she was born. I want to point out my granny loved autumn with all its colors so that's why I chose this season.

As for the menu I would serve something unhealthy but sooo tasty!!! Cabbage soup would make my granny so surprised and I can hear her saying to me: Ohhhh, it tastes like mine!!! But I don´t want to talk about something you maybe have no idea how it looks like, so take a look here.

Then we would continue with another traditional Czech dish - schnitzel and potato salad, of course made by me. Let me show you.

Meanwhile we are eating, so many topics to discuss would be in the air. I am sure that she would be interested in my family. Anyway, I would ask her so many questions I don't know answers for them because her death or better to say stage before death was something weird. She suffered from brain stroke and has got paralyzed for few months before she died. She was unable to speak but we all could have seen from her reactions and gestures that she understood.  I would ask her what from was the mysterious key we found in her purse, if there is something she didn´t tell us or it was her secret, why she left money hidden in one book between two pages with the  text about sense of life, which she must have done before it all happened. I can see us chatting for a long time, gossiping about our family, having fun, laughing and in the and she would tell me as usual that she loves me the most of her grandchildren. I know it is unfair but it was like this :)

Now time to come up with something I dreamt of would come!!! I am calling : “Kids, come hereeeeeee, join us...” What is the best to serve in such situation? Chocolate cake!! You know, she has never seen them in person because she died just few months afterwards my older child had been born, she only saw him in the pictures. To enjoy the cake with her, to see hapiness in her eyes, it all would mean so much to me. 

I would enjoy every second with her and would be so happy for the opportunity to see her once more again. So see you my granny in the heaven one day, hope you are waiting for me and we will enjoy our dinner together there !!!

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Comment by Stranger in the night on June 29, 2014 at 9:21

Good job Luiziana, I was not that good in relations with my grandmothers, only grandfather, and I always made fun on him, till he gets angry and says he tell his son (my father) to punch me:)

Your blog brought memories and nostalgy about my father's father:) Merci beacoup

Comment by Luci on June 28, 2014 at 21:24
Thanx barbie, lets see where m gonna end up! Maybe in the hell but u know m able to escape out of there :D
Comment by Syed Faisal Ali on June 28, 2014 at 11:50

Really strange, when my maternal grandfather died, he had one tooth left in his mouth. He used to have such jaw in his box . And he used to keep his hairs black by using hair color products. 

Comment by Luci on June 28, 2014 at 11:45

Tara, thank you for your comment.

Rukshana, you are supposed to write your own blog here about this topic. So post it not here but among the blogs.

Ali, believe it or not but my granny died with all the teeth in her mouth - real ones :-D omggg, guess you will need these artificial ones soon because I will punch you for this!!!

Comment by Syed Faisal Ali on June 28, 2014 at 11:35

Such a nice blog, I hope she's in peace and enjoying her time in heaven. 

You've such great skills with writing, I really enjoy reading your blog and I respect your emotions which you've shared with us.

But since you're inviting you're granny not me. Please take a small gift so she can enjoy food with you. 

Comment by Rukhsana Rind on June 28, 2014 at 8:05

hi iam Rukhsana Rind and i would invite to my best friend at my home on 30th June an d i also i would like invite my sister and my aunt in gathering because they also like my friend because her attitude and behave nice with every one and i would like make some fabulous dishes for her like she like chines dishes like macaroni, Noodles with vegetables and also she like Daal and Rice and i would like when she gone at my home she is very happy and met us and i would like we are forever good friends

Comment by Tara Benwell on June 27, 2014 at 19:33

Two things happened when I read this post. First, I became very hungry. That food looks and sounds very yummy! Second, I couldn't stop thinking about my own grandma. I was fortunate enough to introduce my grandmother to my kids, but I understand your pain. My mom passed away before she got to meet her grandkids. My grandmother did everything to make this easier on me, even though she had lost her own daughter. She was a wonderful great-grandma to my kids for a few years before she passed. I miss her so much. Thanks for sharing such lovely writing with us. May we all meet in heaven one day for a lovely feast! 

Comment by arif saeed on June 27, 2014 at 18:51
No better choice than own granny!
I enjoyed reading your blog post
I like the saying that beauty lies in simplicity and confidence also lies in simplicity.
Comment by Luci on June 27, 2014 at 10:25
Heli, thanx for your idea about the book! Again u proved your novelist soul is sleeping somewhere there inside of you :p
Pearl, dear, you touched my heart with your comment. Thank you, m happy u liked it ;) btw 1000 ppl means 1000 opinions but that's great you share the same idea of thinking..
Comment by Luci on June 27, 2014 at 7:33
Mohammad, thank you :) well, I meant unhealthy - heavy. Since there is cream in our cabbage soup, it isn't anything you would eat when u r on a diet :D anyway, cabbage is healthy - cant more agree with you!

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