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Will you Fail or Succeed at Language Learning?

Ann Foreman of the BBC TeachingEnglish team shared this slideshow on Facebook today. Do you agree or disagree with these points? Can EnglishClub help you succeed? Why or why not?

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Comment by Ario on November 16, 2011 at 11:57

I agree with those points. And I believe that EC is helping me succeed in learning English. I always think that learning any languages would be effective if we are stimulated to use it to communicate with others, both written and oral. And I see that both are what EC gives to its members.

So, in EC, I don't feel to be forced to remember grammar rules or remember anything. I feel that I'm challenged to be better in English. If I'm better in English, it means I can communicate better with members here. :)

Comment by Nadira on October 14, 2011 at 2:24
Yes  I very much feel English Club will help  the learner and  the  fluent  speaker  to higher elevation ,and   height s in mastering and understanding  English . Be it  for  research  as  all the tools  needed  for  ones  class room and to  research  English  is  there  at  the press  for  a button.
I have  been here  at  the club  for  all most  two years m and I find  people who  did  not  understand  English  and  had  lack of confidence  , have  thus built  much confidence  through the unique materials  offered, discussions and programmes  offered   systematically . Not  forgetting the continuous  support of the Administration , thus making  this club  unique  and  a place to relax  after  a hard  days  work

Comment by Rajesh on October 10, 2011 at 8:00

I'm agree with all these points.

Of course, EC help me succeed. Because, I went to English school/institute for more than 1 year when I start learning English and now going to English school for me is not possible because it takes too much time at me and I get very few time to talk there among a lot of students and I know I need more speaking.

I'll not hesitate saying that I improved my English a lot from EC and today I'm better than I was yesterday and hope tomorrow I'll be more better than today and all these goes to EC.


Comment by lama amar on October 6, 2011 at 22:34

Hi Tara, it's such a wonderfull slideshow!

Thanks for sharing. Everything mentioned there is %100 true. As a matter of fact, I kept studying English at school for around 7 years, yet didn't know how really to speak correctly 'cuz all what we were taught was about grammar and rules. I love the English Language, so decided to study it at college. Things've gotten better there 'cuz I'm sorrounded with students like me whose sole aim is to learn real English. Anyway, I believe that learning a language is a non-stop process and I'm doing my best to succeed.

Comment by Nafis on October 6, 2011 at 16:06

Dear Tara, after going to university, I felt that I failed to learn English very well and it was somehow frustrating because I thought I am pretty good at it.I was wrong! The learning never ends.  However, as it mentioned in the slides, attitude is a big part of learning process I strongly think. Yesterday, I learned this :

"I can and want to learn..."


You can put every words that fit you in the I fill it this way:


"I can and want to learn or speak English "


All the best, 

Comment by Grace on October 5, 2011 at 7:34

After joining EC for more than one year, speaking or reading English for me is not a nightmare anymore. Actually, EC has been giving me a homey place where I'm able to be submerged by English whole day long. Instead of being afraid of English, now I am fond of it much and more confident than before. Thanks a bunch for cultivating our ability by doing your great effort, EC and Tara.

Comment by Hardi on October 4, 2011 at 22:21

Talking English fluently isn't my goal. So I've somewhat succeed.

It's not good when it's about speaking or listening. But I can still say, that I've succeed of leeching of others effort in here, when it's about writing/reading. Yes I think the way I've improved, can pretty much be called as leeching, because I've hardly spend any time for studding it by my self..

It seems like I'm that person, from that slide-show, who drives car without knowing how the car works.. Just looking what others do and imitating them.. So perhaps I've copied many mistakes too. But sure, I wouldn't be able to learn this way, if everyone was doing same.. In that case there would have been some totally new language already born here. Most of the members here aren't native speakers, and that is what makes me a parasite and lecher.. Just ridding on others effort. ^_^


Well, it can be seen so. ;)

Comment by Nadiyah on October 4, 2011 at 20:01

Super blog presented by you here, Tara. about my experiences, It took me so long here ... The first, like in a war, I must know the circumstances of a place or region, then I have to instill my confidence so deep, then gradually start doing something and trying different ways to offer, share anything with friends is something that valuable. Such as example, previously I had never even or be able to sing any song in English, for me it is so difficult. but now you can see I'm able to sing it :), even though It is a  simple song. step by step I can!

I hope I'm not someone who fails, thanks Tara!

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