Tricky Tongue Twisters for Talented Talkers to Try


Thank you to all of the English learners and teachers who participated in Game #9. Here are all of the tongue twisters we wrote from A-Z!

We need your help: Will anyone record these for us and upload them to a MyEC audio player or YouTube? Maybe you could draw a picture of one of them and scan it for us. We need to bring these tongue twister to life! Of course, the best way to do that is to try them out. Happy twisting!

A:I saw a documentary where a band of Ant-eaters that were affectionate about acorns,used an acidic substance provided by their tongue to activate their night sight. (Salim)

B: The barber, who wore a big badge, barbecued a baboon that was caught in some barbed wire. (Tara Benwell)

C: Crooked cranny crammed crusty crayons cautiously inside a cabbaged caddie cart. (Hardi)
She crammed her basket with crusts of bread, and cautiously, dropped the small pieces through the crooked path, leaving crayon marks on the rocks to make sure not to lose herself . (Suela)

D: The play was about a king who downgraded his counsellor and banished him out of the country. The king distrusted his counsellor and dreaded that he betrayed his country. To discover his counsellor's conspiracy, the king disguised himself as a slave and found out that his counsellor was planning to disrupt the system. (Hanane)

D: Chosen by default, the dad dashed into the dark and dunked the diapers into the diamond mine. (Gamer)

E: To exercise every err of my existence excited me with an earnest emotion. (Eduardo Palacios)

F: A friend of mine brought some potatoes to fry from a far area in Finland. (Salim)

G: A gallant gardner studied geology, the art of planting geranium and the technique of breeding geese. (Hanane)

H: They designed their home to honor the Halloween event, doing such things as wearing horrible clothes and acting humourously at the party that celebrated the holiday. (Selma)

I: Imbued with the irrefutable issues of ice melting, the impartial president, fresh from his inauguration, imparted his first piece of advice. (Tara Benwell)

J: The jolly juggler took the jealous man out of the Jack-in-the-box like jube jubes. (Selma)

A good kook keeps a knickknack kerchief when he kowtows in a kooky keepsake. (Eduardo)

L: When he lost his leg and was left a hopeless lame, he was given a great deal of latitude to lean on anyone he pointed at and lash whatever lamp he wanted. (Zahra)

M: I think that one has to measure the right magnitude of his abilities in order to maintain the maximum of his equilibrium; either of these things may malfunction. (Hanane)

N: All the negritude movement novelists of the north received a negative notification from the ministry of homeland affairs. (Salim)
Novelists from the north received a negative notification about the negritude movement in the novels. (Suela)

O: Almost oblivious she posted his obituary in front of obelisk of oak, as if she was obligated to do so. (Suela)

P: Portraying a man doing 15 years porridge due to a dreadful act of shooting at an attic full of kids ,Dani ,though being plausible, pledged not to do any other pointless acts of shooting with his gun in the country which he was used to! (Zahra)

Getting board on the prams to start the pilgrimage ,on principle ,was preceded by some practical precautions to prevent from the false fear of drowning in the sea . (Zahra)

Q:The quite quarrelsome quadruple quelled without quantifying. (Josef Essberger)

R: Random rational and irrational thoughts roar in my brain like a rowdy, noisy rooster running and crowing through rough terrain. (Bill the English Teacher)

S: A sarcastic sentimental snake attacked me while I was sipping a delicious orange juice full of sugar thinking I was a good prey. (Salim)
It is sarcastic to say, but you are as sentimental as a snake sipping sugar water. (Suela)

T: A Tory member shed tears in ecstasy after he was awarded a torn tapestry for all the tearaway efforts he did to put an end to the Iraq war. (Aali)

U: The ultimate unanimity of the students debating on what to choose as a gift for the teacher who taught them not to underestimate themselves lead them to make an unprecedented decision to gift her back with a ubiquitous ribbon on which was written the teacher's own statement :"Who I am does make a difference!". (Zahra)

V: A vampire who was escaping a volcano eruption, vanished after he fell into a vast vault of an ancient Maya building. (Salim)

W: As I wander about the pages of MyEC, I can't help wonder when this game will wrap up or wind down so that we can get wounded in a new wonderful word game. (Gamer)

X: After x-raying himself, Xavier,the xanthan gum producer, played with my xylophone and then he threw himself in an x-axis. (Salim)

Y: While I was trying to know the yardage of my little yard and yawning of tiredness, I heard someone yielding "help"; a yellow cobra was chasing him. (Salim)

Z: I went to a zoo yesterday and I found zilch, only a zebra that was killed after eating some grass full of zaffer and a mad writer following the zetetic ideology. (Salim)

Special thanks to Salim for finishing off the alphabet for us!

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Comment by Gamer on December 20, 2009 at 3:41
Please check out Salim's audio! And if you have a microphone and a recorder please add your own!
Comment by Hanane on December 14, 2009 at 20:03
I liked this game.

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