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Top 5 Reasons Why Students Cheat in School

When people mention cheating in school, one thought immediately pops up in our mind – the student is too lazy to do his assignments. And while this may be the truth for many students, it is definitely not the only reason why students decide to cheat. In many cases, students cheat as a result of difficulties in life or college, or when they are left with no other solution for their assignments.

So, instead of tagging every student who cheats as lazy, you may want to consider these five reasons why students do this.

1. The Student is too Ambitious

This may sound ridiculous to you right now, but it actually makes sense. When a student has big vision for his future and is ambitious, he fears the inability of getting perfect score on every test and for every subject.

No student is perfect. Some are good at one subject, but bad in the other. This is where the problem arises. In the educational system, a single bad grade could ruin the chance of achieving the success a student strives for.

Ultimately, this is the reason why ambitious students cheat at school.

2. The Schools are Very Competitive

Better academic performance increases the opportunities for a higher-paying job and better future, so it is no wonder why students become so competitive. Now that the majority of young people opt for higher education, competition becomes ruthless.

Knowing this, students are often challenged to compete with others in the class. When they realize that cheating is something that makes others succeed, they are also likely to start cheating.

3. The Student is Not Afraid of the Punishment

Let's face it – the threat for punishments and the actual detention part is almost never the same. Students know this and use those 'modern' strategies for cheating without the fear of being punished. This is exactly why students are much less likely to cheat in a class with their strictest teacher.

4. The Student Does Not Understand

With the world being as competitive as it is now, professors are expecting more and more of students every year. Because of this, a student is left with many new information and little time to remember it all. Now that education is becoming so hard and overwhelming, it is no wonder students have to cheat from time to time. When the time to learn something is too short, a student can easily forget the details, definitions, or simply not understand the subject.

5. There are Too Many Assignments

Same as the lectures and information, students also struggle with the grand number of assignments. Add this pile to all those materials they have to study, and you get no free time or sufficient time to master all subjects.

Of course, there are many benefits to frequent grading, which is why this system is created in the first place. However, when professors do not consider the remaining burden and just keep assigning papers, students are much more likely to be inclined to cheating.

About Me:

I have worked in various quality writing services in the US and AU, and currently guest blogging for dozens of popular websites for students. I love to share my experiences with the students, having been one for many years before I got my PhD degree in Linguistics.

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Comment by SNR 13 hours ago
Opps excuse me for typos. Cheating*
Comment by SNR 14 hours ago
Hey Ivan,
Nice topic. i am sorry to say but to me all these reasons seems to sweet excuses, I agree that students get huge assignments to do. But chatting is not the solution n blaming I couldn't study.Just once I had cheated in my school n to be honest I didn't study that tine. I was too much lazy. But after that I never tried to cheat again. Even u don't study I would be happy to get less marks n just pass the subject but never cheated.
Being a teacher i am just against the concept of cheating. If a student is ambitious he or she would manage the time n study hard won't cheat.
Comment by Rahul Wazir on November 15, 2017 at 19:47

The only reason for cheating is that Students do not study on regular basis, studying, a day before the exam compels them to do this.

Comment by Hurieh on November 14, 2017 at 16:57

Dear Ivan Alec,
The title of your blog is so catchy- at least for me as a teacher. I'd say "These are just some excuses for some lazy students." hahaha. Kidding!
You have look at a quite different angle and explained this issue differently. I like your blog because it made me stop and think. I personally try to take random quizes from the students to see if I taught well and they could recall the subjects withouth going through them.
Do you have any other solution to let teachers know if they are doing their jobs well?
Thanks so much for your great blog.

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