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The Grammar Test to Refresh Your Memory

My friends, I'd like you to recall Danny's and my lessons and to correct the mistakes again. Your task is the same as in "Find and correct the mistakes". For those who are newbies or don't remember, I will explain once again.

There may be a few mistakes in each sentence. You should find and correct them all without changing the vocabulary. It is a grammar test. As usual, I will lead you explaining your mistakes.

Are you ready?

Here is your task:

  1. Were you there ever or did you see it by the TV?
  2. He stopped looking around and to see was he followed.
  3. There was no time enough so that I make up my mind.
  4. I didn’t notice his going out of the party and started to ask the questions where was he.
  5. He didn’t remember to call up her and again he called.
  6. Women prefer to accompany with family members where one man is must.
  7. Don’t forget shutting the windows when you will leave.
  8. She asked what would we do if we couldn’t check to any hotel.
  9. I thought it going to never end.
  10. Why don’t again to check your English level?

The deadline is August 21.

Have a great time!

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Comment by Tshadow 9 hours ago

Dear Teacher, nice to meet you too. Thank you for every thing you do.
Im waiting the answers..
best regards :)))

Comment by Tanya 16 hours ago

So, my friends, you all have enough time to correct your mistates before I post the answers.

Good luck!

Comment by Tanya 16 hours ago

Dear Tshadow, nice to meet you. Let me analyse your mistakes.

1. The word order is correct but the tense in the second clause is wrong.

2. It is correct.

3. It is almost correct, but iit must be "not" 

4. The second and the last clauses are wrong.

5. Correct.

7. Correct.

8. It is different from what I mean, but it is correct.

9. No! Please, read Danny's last blog. He "dedicated" it to this sentence!

10. Your sentence is grammatically correct, but it doesn't sound good at all. It sounds as if I am scoulding the students before they even start doing the test. Of course, I didn't mean that.

Comment by Tanya 16 hours ago

Hi, Ella! "Go" is wrong.

Comment by Tanya 16 hours ago

Hi, Roman! 3 and 9 are correct.Both in 4 and 8 your mistakes are related to the sequence if the tenses. You can tead about it one one of Dan's blogs.

Comment by Tanya 16 hours ago

Hi, everyone!

Dear Diah, nice to see you here. Let me explain what is wrong.

1. In eny question we invert only one verb.

2. Non-finite forms are wrong. The tense in the last clause is wrong.

3. I don't see any corrections.

4. The second ckause is wrong.

5. Don't see any corrections.

7. It is correct.

8. We don't use CAN/COULD speaking abouth the future/future past. Also, one preposition is missing.

9. To split the infinitive is not really good for official text, especially a grammar test.

10. The simple present tense doesn't make any sense in this sentence.

Comment by Tshadow yesterday

Dear Teachers ,
here you are my second try:

1)   Have you ever been there or you watched it on TV.

2)   He stopped to look around to see if he was being followed .

3)   It was no enough time for me to make up my mind.

4)   I didn't notice he left the party so , I started asking the questions where was he .

5)   He didn’t remember calling her, so he called her up again.

6)   I'll try later.

7)   Don’t forget to shut the windows when you leave.

8)   She asked what to do if we were not able to check into any hotel.

9)   (I thought it's never going to end) or ( I thought it would never go to end ) hate it :D

10)Why you are not going to check your English level again?

Comment by Tshadow yesterday
9- I thought it would never to end?
Comment by ella yesterday
Hello, just to try :)

9.I thought it would never go to the end.
Comment by Roman yesterday

Hello, Danny! It is my next try:

3) It was not enough time for me to make up my mind.

4) I didn't notice he left the party so i started asking the questions where he is.

8) She asked what we will do if we were not able to check into any hotel.

9) I tought it was going never to end.

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