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Chapter 1 : My Name is Ninos

Chapter 2 : Viola! I'm a Male Cat

Chapter 3 : Wake Up And Smell The Roses

Chapter 4 : I Am A Brilliant Blogger

Chapter 5 : Tiramisu, Black Forest and Cappuccino

Chapter 6 : I Am One Lean Mean Machine

Chapter 7 : Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Chapter 8 : Under The Weather

Chapter 9 : Life Is Full Of Cappuccino

Chapter 10 : It's A Scary Scary World

Hello! Hello! Hello to all the ladies and of course gentlemen of MyEC. How are you guys? Oh! How I missed writing to you. There are a lot of things that I want to share, and yet, I don't know where to start. It's all Mom Noas' fault. Like Lady Mary said, she was too busy running as if a fat bear was chasing her. 

Anyway, I think running is not only making my mom too tired to think, but instead of turning all those yucky fat into muscles, running is also eating my mom's brain cells. Now she is getting more forgetful. I don't mind her being forgetful and all, but I do mind that her forgetfulness is jeopardising my health and well being. I hope after you have read my story, some of you can convince my mom to stop running. It's really not good for my health.

A few weeks back, when my Mom Ayu went back to see her mom, my Mom Noas had to take care Cappuccino and me on her own. I was a little bit sceptical whether Mom Noas can really take care of us, after all, she's always in a mess herself. Anyway! Since they didn't ask my opinion, so we were at the mercy of Mom Noas. 

Everything was running smoothly (excuse the pun) in the morning. As usual, during weekend, we were allowed to go and roam the neighbourhood. Cappuccino as usual will try to follow me, but come on! It's really getting tiring to be saddled with such a noisy pest. 

On that day, after roaming the neighbourhood I came back to my house before the night time. I didn't see Cappuccino anywhere near me or in the house. Ahhhh! For once. Peace and quiet in the house. I was really enjoying the tranquillity of the house and it's not my duty to remind my Mom Noas that Cappuccino is still not back from her excursion. Furthermore, I never thought that Mom Noas will ever forget that annoying pest. How wrong I was! She indeed totally oblivious to the fact that Cappuccino was not in the house and left her on her own the whole night outside the house.

The next morning, when Mom Noas realised that she had left Cappuccino outside of the house, instead of admitting that she was getting forgetful, she blamed me for not reminding her about Cappuccino. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! But I didn't think too much about it. I thought she was just had a rough day the day before, that's why she didn't realise her mistake. Furthermore, at least I had a good night sleep.

Then a few weeks after that, after she came back from one of her night runs, she knew that I had left the house just to check on the surrounding, she accidentally locked me out. Mom Ayu told her that I was outside, but I don't think she registered anything. 

I knew I shouldn't have left the house well after midnight, but then, Mom Ayu had informed her that I was still outside. Now I know how Cappuccino had felt before. The outside world after midnight is really a scary place. But I knew I could endure it because I'm a big cat already. If Cappuccino survived being left alone for one night, I know I could do much better than her.

Furthermore, when Mom Ayu knew about me being left outside, she showered me with so much kisses that I nearly suffocated with it. She also made Mom Noas felt so much guilt that she gave me so much food. However, as I've mentioned before, I'm getting worried about Mom Noas' well being. I think she really needs to stop running if it means she is getting more forgetful every time she run. I hope you guys will help me in convincing her, otherwise, I'm not sure I will be able to log into MyEC and write my adventures after this.

Bye for now. Hugs and kisses to all the ladies of MyEC especially Lady NotAClue. This blog is dedicated to her because she is just one strong lady. She is so strong that she is also known as a Can Opener. When I was left alone that night, I remembered about her and that made me knew that I can survive.


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Comment by noaslpls on January 19, 2017 at 4:16

My dear Lady Sewar. My Mom Noas always mentioned about you. She said you're a wonderful lady with lots of sweet words and encouragement. And I can't agree more. You're indeed a wonderful lady.

Take care and happy new year. Hugs from me and Mom Noas. :)

Comment by noaslpls on January 19, 2017 at 4:09

Lady NotAClue, don't worry for losing your brain cells because of your running. I think I'm getting used to it now. I just hope it won't be as severe as my Mom Noas. :) 

Take care now. And happy new year.

Comment by sewar on December 29, 2016 at 12:06

       Well done dearest. Actually, I can read more chapters about Ninos because, your writing can take my breath away. God bless you.

Comment by NotAClue on December 22, 2016 at 10:17

Then she won't remember whether she had given me the food or not. So I can always give me a warm cuddle and ask for food. :) :)

Your not only a handsome and regal, but also a very clever cat. :-)) 

LOL - It's always embarrassing to read my own comments after one or two days.
I wasn't thick - I was sick. Not to mention all the other crap. ;-) I definitely lost many brain cells during my running times. ;-P 

Comment by noaslpls on December 20, 2016 at 2:42

Awww Lady NotAClue... you're so sweet. You're my favourite person in the whole wide world of MyEC! You even gave me yummy wet food with me wearing the crown. I really look very regal wearing that crown. :)

I know you're a very special lady with a very special skill when you told me that you're also known as the Can Opener. It must took you a very long time and a lot of patient to master the skill of opening a can. I really salute you, Lady NotAClue.

I think running people is as crazy as a dog. Otherwise, who's a sane person wants to run in a rain, right? The best thing to do while it's raining is just sleeping underneath a warm fuzzy blanket.

Let me tell you a secret, sometimes I like my Mom Noas to be forgetful too. Then she won't remember whether she had given me the food or not. So I can always give me a warm cuddle and ask for food. :) :)

Comment by noaslpls on December 20, 2016 at 2:26

Hello again cute Lady Onee-chan. My Mom Noas told me that you're one of her favourite person in here. Now I know why. You're so sweet. :)

As foe reducing her running schedule, no one can tell anything to Mom Noas. She's been doing her things on her own for too long. And she always tell me that she's too old to change her way of life. Hmmmm..... So, I guess I have to live with her forgetfulness for the rest of my life. God help us all!!!!!

Comment by noaslpls on December 20, 2016 at 2:22

Hello Sir Camel, I like your sentence; "Follow your heart but take brain with you". I will share this with my Mom Noas and I hope it's not too late to save her. Thanks :)

Comment by NotAClue on December 17, 2016 at 17:52

Yeah, you are BACK, Ninos. :-))  I mean back with your lovely stories. ;-)) 

First of all, let me tell you something: Cats who are always good don't experience anything! You know the expression: Good cats go to heaven, but bad cats go everywhere, right? ;-) 

Just be careful, never run into a car, and never eat something older than 2 days! ;-)

My dog was always fascinated from my can opening skills. ;-) You know, that is a special task, and should only be conducted by well trained people. ;-)

Well, I know these crazy running people ... as a dog-person you have to go outside every day for long, long hours. At least with a normal sized healthy, dog. In former days, I walked every day at least 2 x 5km and one short walk. No matter how the weather was. See, dogs don't care if it rains or freezes. They need to be outside. But they are not so careful, like most cats, they don't understand that cars can kill them.  :-/ So, we can't let them outside our gardens without some sort of control. - Back to these crazy running people ... they are also outside everyday!! They can't get enough ... actually, I understand this quite good. When I was younger and healthier, I was also running. Not Marathon, or something similar, but at least 5 km every day. When I was thick and couldn't run for some days, I got really annoyed!

Now, my little friend, this tuna is especially for you and only for you! Give your mom my best regards, she is the best. Even if she is a bit absentminded. - It could have been worse!  ;-P

Comment by Onee-chan on December 17, 2016 at 5:22

Cool Handsome Courageous Ninos,,

I think your Mom Noas should only need to reduce running schedule. She will have more time with you and with MyEC members... :D

Send my kisses to mom Noas again. Wish you both a good health. ^_^

Comment by noaslpls on December 16, 2016 at 3:23

Hello Lady Mary. You are always so sweet. But maybe if I didn't put the conjunction correctly, my Mom Noas won't notice that it's indeed her that runs like a fat bear. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Please, don't give ideas to Mom Noas. No bell for me please. Bells are as annoying as Cappuccino's meow. And please, don't make Mom Noas want to share my tuna with her. She eats a lot of food. Then I will have less potion for myself. 

Yeah! Mom Noas' taste in tv programmes really sucks. She likes to watch the History channel 24/7. And most of the programmes are just horrible. But sometimes I just took pity on her, that's why I will always accompany her while she was watching the programmes.

Hugs and wet kisses from over here. Enjoy your weekend.

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