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This is about words, we may take them for granted. Words can be fascinating, encouraging, inspiring, motivating, powerful, living, so adventurous. They can build or they can break. How we choose to use them, depends entirely upon who and what we are.

I saw this on the net and I was fascinated by the construction. It is a mixture of something borrowed and my own words. 

The most selfish 1- letter word:


A center of the attention persons, preferable argumentation. "I" splits.

Avoid it!

The most satisfying 2- letter word:


An unified persons strength. "WE" gathers.

Use it!

The most poisonous 3- letter word:


A haughty persons downfall. "EGO" the only requirement to destroy any valuable relationship. Be the bigger person, skip the "E" and let it GO.

Kill it!

The most used 4- letter word:


No further explanations needed. This word can bear to stand just exactly the way it is.  Carry it in your heart and soul.

Value it!

The most pleasing 5- letter word:


An energetic persons asset. Smiles are contagious, give one and get one. Smiling faces are beautiful faces.

Keep it!

The fastest 6- letter word:


A weak persons weapon. If you don't like a person, create and spread rumors about them. Perhaps it will make you feel good about yourself, and less intimidated.

Ignore it!

The hardest working 7,1- letter word:


An ambitious persons drive. Be unstoppable, go for it. Reach your goals.

Achieve it!

The most exciting yet puzzling 7,2- letter word:


MyEC is a unique place to come and meet people from around the globe, to learn, share knowledge and participate in diffrent activities.

The most enviable 8- letter word:


An ignorant persons ghost. When love is not involved, the feeling stems mostly out of insecurity and hatred.

Distance it!

The most powerful 9- letter word:


As Albert Einstein expressed - "Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Share it!

The most essential 10- letter word:


A non-hater persons companion. What you think of yourself, is much more important, than what people think of you.

Trust it!


This is just how I analyze those words, of course you may have a different view. Though I hope you liked reading and it was a little bit inspiring too. 

Thanks you for reading.

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Comment by Likewise on Saturday
Hello Expector Smith,

Thank you so much for your marvelous contribution - Please have a look above under no. 7.

Thank you for taking time reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Have a nice weekend:)
Comment by Likewise on Saturday
Hello Roman,

You are welcome, thank you. :)

Comment by Expector Smith on Saturday

Interesting blog!

The most exciting yet puzzling 7-letter word: English:)

Comment by Roman on Friday

Thank you Likewise! I wish you GREAT weekend too!

Comment by Likewise on Friday

Have a very nice weekend, to all of you.

Comment by Likewise on Friday
Hello Baho26,

What a cool nick :)... Yes, you are right, but though I would like to say, they are meaningful according to all kind of interaction.

Thank you for finding blog nice and for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.
Comment by Likewise on Friday
Hello Laboni,

I feel happy to know, you liked and this was enjoyable reading, thank you so.

Thank you for taking time reading and commenting. I appreciate it.
Comment by Likewise on Friday
Hello Alia,

Thank you so, I am really glad to know that... nothing much to say other than, it is good to see you active here, please keep it up.

:-))) Smiles back from here.
Comment by Likewise on Friday
Hello Mishaikh,

I understand what you mean.

But other thing, I refuse to believe if causing "I/We" issues that you are the one doing it, you are a humble and conciliatory person, so that is a non existing possibility.

Oftentimes it has something to do with lack of self esteem and that's sad.

Thank you for taking time reading, and for your thoughtful comment as well. I appreciate it.
Comment by Baho26 on Friday
Nice blog likewise. Those are really meaningful in real life.

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