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1.Thank you for comforting me when I'm sad

  Loving me when I'm mad

  Picking me up when I'm down

  Thank you for being my friend and being around

  Teaching me the meaning of love

  Encouraging me when I need a shove

  But most of all thank you for

  Loving me for who I am

  2.Love is more than a word,

  it says so much.

  When I see these four letters,

  I almost feel your touch.

  This only happened since

  I fell in love with you.

  Why this word does this,

  I haven't got a clue.

  3.Sweet heart,

  My thoughts are deep into you

  From the moment that I wake up

  And to the whole day through

  Happy Valentine's Day

  4.Thank you for standing behind me

  In all that I do

  I hope you're as happy with me

  As I am with you

  5.If I could save time in a bottle

  the first thing that I'd like to do

  is to save everyday until eternity passes away

  just to spend them with you

  if I could make days last forever

  if words could make wishes come true

  I'd save everyday like a treasure and then

  again I would spend them with you

  6.To sweet heart or friend,

  words can mean much.

  Valentine heart to heart,

  conveys a loving touch.

  7.You're always there for me

  When things tend to go wrong

  It's that faith you have in me

  That make sour love strong

  8.It's your loving and your caring

  And knowing that you're near

  That gentle touch you have

  Make my troubles disappear

  9.A better love I couldn't ask for

  With your sweet and gently way

  And knowing that your love for me

  Grows more everyday

  10.We share so much together

  And you always pull me through

  Thank you for standing behind me

  In all that I do

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