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PLAGIARISM (The symptom of handicapped brain)

It is written not to defame a member but to DISCOURAGE the ugly trait of copying others thoughts.

PLAGIARISM!! it is so funny and at a point unbelievable that people plagiarize even while commenting, a comment on a blog that should be just an opinion, probably one or two lines.[Maybe 10 lines if people are so fond of the topic or maybe a blog size if they are deeply in love about the topic. anyway that is off the topic so ...]

So, usually I don't read a comment that is too long 'cause they make my eyes tired : ))

But this time someone's comment on this blog got my attention [I still just have read 4 lines that is again so much to read lol] but yeah after reading those lines I felt, there are two possibilities, first, he is a pro writer who has maybe writing as an integral part of his job, second, the ugly one, it maybe taken from some article. 

So, as I usually do I googled four lines and there we go I found this post that has all text of his all comments as a blog post.

PLAGIARISM shows that you have no capability to think and rationalize. 


If you can see I posted meaning of word [that was completely missing from the original post, though I can understand an immature writer and I appreciate that OCEAN tried to write something do not take it as criticism at any point], yes I copied from a dictionary and to show the courtesy I mentioned it in the end of my comment where is it taken from. 

If you are mentioning some lines show courtesy that you took it from some source. If you think a blog you found online that is relevant, post the link mentioning about what good or similar or relevant is there. BUT DO NOT COPY THE WHOLE BLOG AS A COMMENT OR BLOG CLAIMING IT AS YOUR OWN. 

You have more options, if your brain is froze not responding a single word how are you feeling about that topic just click on "Like" button but do not PLAGIARIZE.. 

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS: I have removed identity of the person. I have no personal grudge with anyone here. I found something is wrong and I reacted. If some action is taken due to this blog I am not responsible for that. So, people who are asking me if I had a problem with the member, no, I don't know him personally, I never talked with him, stop asking me such questions. It was his action that got a reaction from me for all who are doing something similar. 

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Comment by GH on April 15, 2017 at 7:11

hahaha its a really great investigation! you should be work for a spy agency):D while reading blogs of some members i also feel that blog was plagiarize but i never investigate nor i found proof. You have done a great job! keep up the good work!!!!!!  

Comment by Muskan on April 15, 2017 at 4:44

lol I guess Mary again explained it well

Comment by MARY on April 14, 2017 at 17:21

hahahha Luci!! That's because you talk and behave like a gangsta!!!! XD You scare everybody! XD

If I was in politics, I'd be like Obama and you'd be my Anger Translator:

Key & Peele are awesome XD

Comment by Luci on April 14, 2017 at 14:00
Muskaannn...Ohhh I didn't notice that! Thanx for telling me ;) now I m able to give ya like :p
Comment by Muskan on April 14, 2017 at 9:45

Luci :D I edited blog after your comment tho yeah I admit I felt you just wanna blame me for his move of leaving this place so ugh I did not see it then.

Comment by Luci on April 14, 2017 at 7:49
Hahaaa :D so when I said that some other form of explaining things to Batu would be way Muskan didn't say a word...when Mary said the same thing... wooow... I dont believe my eyes but yeah I am sure Mary has special gift to explain the things... she would be good at politics ;)
Have a nice Fridayyyyy without plagiarism!
Comment by MARY on April 13, 2017 at 17:22

Oh and I forgot to say a 'Mea Culpa' here as well, because as you all probably know already, I use very often images for my comments. I never say where are these images from 'cause i think is pretty obvious they are not mine, but I should mention the authory (it's not easy tho, since most of the memes are from an 'unknown' source) But still... What we find in internet is not all free! Sorry if I can't mention the source of the images :((

Comment by Muskan on April 13, 2017 at 17:18
Haha Mary again you made me laugh with your epic use of funny pics. Anyway I take your advice and will make it anonymous first, (though I won't promise that I will not post a link of example post) I will ask the person in person about things first. Apologies for the harshness. Thanks for advices.
Comment by MARY on April 13, 2017 at 17:08

Oh geez... I thought I was the Drama Queen! Stop you all trying to steal my thunder!! XD

Okay first, Muskan, thanks for letting me know that you like my silly comments! haha... I understand your point of view about plagiarism and I know pretty well how frustrating it is to see that someone used your work without even asking permission (I'm an author and I've dealt with that in my 'real life') But I've also lived situations in which people didn't even know that not everything you find in internet is 'for free' and they just weren't informed about it. But maybe this is another situation anyway...

What i mean is that I understand you first impassioned impulse driven by frustration to see something that you thought was wrong, and nobody in EC should give 'lessons' here because we all have done that once in a while. So, the mistake maybe was that your message was kind of 'harsh' moved by that first impulse you had, but you already saw that and fixed it in your blog.

And then THIEF came here and explained himself and said apologies, something very good, even if I can also see that he expressed some things in a 'harsh' way too driven by some offended feelings (something that I can understand too) 

The conclusion is that we all make mistakes (that's pretty obvious) But the thing is... why we always make everything so complicated? Muskan could have written her blog about plagiarism without making mention to anyone, and ask to that person she was 'inspired' by in a private message or in a comment why he was doing that. And that person could've had the chance to explain himself and ask for apologies and that's all. And we all accept that we make mistakes and silly things and it's good to talk about it and explain ourselves without going any further.   But Oh well... How could be life without drama?? A very boring life! That's why we all are passionate human beings and I'm happy for that :D   So let's not make this 'ball' bigger saying it was a 'public lynching'... C'mon guys! Check what is a public lynching in google and then compare... Noone of the sides here is making any crime, but lil mistakes.

Just a final reflection: Let's see if we can keep talkin' and arguin about things, because there's nothing bad about it and we all can disagree and be 'passionate' human beings who make mistakes, but stopping that silly 'game' of 'Now-I'm-coming' & 'Now-I'm-leaving' & 'Now-I-delete-my-profile' everytime there's a problem. We can also try another good exercice that we can learn called 'let's-face-things/problems/disagreements'.

Comment by Muskan on April 13, 2017 at 17:03
Thanks for your views Estanis.

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