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As we know today, my brother said that our theme is for the Nokia N8, the new device from Nokia

It falls under the category N and the device is considered very wonderful in multimedia and photography .. And the completion of your daily work faster than you expect

What we stop here and say salvation ... can not settle more and more this device

Especially with the new operating system Symbian ^ 3 OS .. And what has become strange to users of Nokia devices

Because it is similar in shape .. But as Nokia said that 250 new features have been added in this version ..

I can not tell you that I did not estimate that Hull had 200 features that needed more time, but I could see how much


Nokia N8 .. was announced in April 2010 .. The device was launched in October 2010 ..

The device was launched in record time from the time it was announced ..

And God willing, that the device is one of the wonderful devices that compete in the market ..

It is currently 5 colors (Silver - Black - Orange - Blue - Green)

Let us review the device and the pictures of the device and its specifications .. And Alabh what contains ..

Shui explain the new system Symbian ^ 3 OS .. and specifications of the device ..


First: Device specifications:

1. The operating system is Symbian ^ 3 OS and is the first Nokia device to be launched Symbian ^ 3 OS.

2. Device with ARM 11 680 MHz processor with 3D Graphics HW accelerator.

3. The screen of the device is 3.5 inches, 360 in 640 pixels, and is AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors.

What are the advantages of this screen:
Scratch resistant, multi-touch support, 16 million colors.

4 - The device contains internal memory 16 Qiqa and supports external memory up to 32 Qigqa.

5 - Front camera for video calls and can be used in photography.

6-camera 12-megapixel camera with Xenon flash with Carlisys lens.

Features of the camera with this wonderful device:

Large optical sensor 1 / 1.83 ", autofocus, face recognition feature, 720p video shooting, 25 frames and stereo video recording.

And many other features make the camera competitive with digital cameras on the market.

7- Bluetooth version 3.

8- TV output supports HDMI .. 720 quality with Dolby Digital Plus via HDMI.

9 - compass + photo editor + video editor + Office file program.

10 - FM transmitter feature.

11 - GPS and free navigation for life.

12 - 1200mAh battery with power saver available from battery options.

And other features to be discovered with the subject ...


Second: Images of the device and a comprehensive and quick look of the box contains:

1- The contents of the sales package.

Device + booklets + charger + USB cable + HDMI port cord + special flash cord and any USB storage + headphones + card with activation number for 25 songs.

The image of the device from the front as we see the size of the device and dimensions.

The device is displayed as you see the screen.

The device is on the back and the camera shows us 12 megapixels as well as the headset down the camera.

The most expensive is the internal speaker + the front camera + the light sensor + Nokia.

Below we see the Menu button and the microphone only.

From the right side of the device, you see the up and down button + the screen lock button + the camera button

From the left side we see the MEMORY CARD input and slide + USB charging port and the charging light.

And another picture

In the next picture

We see the 3.5mm headphone input as well as the power button and the HDMI port.

From the bottom is the device information and where it is made as well as the entrance to the small charger AC-15.

From the back we see the wonderful camera as well as the back speaker of the device.

And here we watch the device has been connected to flash memory 8 Qigga and works with a reward high 100%

Here we see the data

Here too the HDMI output experience in the device was fantastic

First: Experience the angry bird game and were excellent 100%

Second: the experience of the game Need for Speed ​​.. It was a fantasy ..

Third: Experience a high-definition video clip 720 ..

As well as the experience is excellent and successful 100% and simplify, young people ..

Of course, after reviewing the device and the contents of the sales box and what it contains .. And how the device and what is made up ..

I tell you my observations on the device from the outside in general

The device, God willing, may God bless the hand and its size is very appropriate and raw materials are excellent and according to the words of Nokia in one of the ads
That all the machine against scratching and estimated it with the keys and to show

Also the sweetest thing is that the device only one piece .. means no fear in the future of trouble or problems ..

The screen is very clear and wonderful .. And in it Safwa sweetness noticed from the use of mobile .. And sure I agree ..

On the one hand the voice in the calls is very cool and the skype is high and the sound of the tones is high ..
I mean by hand I give it 8 out of 10 ..

On the screen hand they are anti-scratching as we work ..

The charger can be shipped from the charger of the old Nokia charger and the new micro USB port for charging ..

The machine has excellent raw materials, sweet silver color and other colors on excellent nature

I mean to appreciate the start of the wonderful Nokia and the gift of the introduction to lovers of photography, multimedia and work in general .

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Comment by dara gino on November 6, 2017 at 8:08

Ana ahib Nikia 8. I like that mobile phone very much. My first one was Samsung Note four, and then I bought Samsung Galaxi 5. I hope to buy this mobile soon. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Roman on October 18, 2017 at 22:51

Well, it is good inspection of this smartfone! But I feel like there are some pictures, which are not loaded because of some reasons... I mean these sentences:

And another picture

In the next picture

Comment by dara gino on October 18, 2017 at 6:27

Mashkoora ya Esra, I like the Korean mobile phones. I always prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I used to have Note 4 for two years. It is very practical and last for a long time. Thanks for sharing.

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